Powder Diffraction - Vol. 14 Number 1 - March 1999

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  • Ting C. Huang - Editorial: Deane Smith and Powder Diffraction  (1)
  • Rui-sheng Liang, Feng-chao Liu - Measurement of thermal expansion coeffiecient of substrate GGG and its epitaxial layer YIG (2)
  • L'umbomír Smrcok, Ján Mailing - Inorganic crystal structures from powder data - A retrospection (5)
  • P. Gravereau, J.P. Chaminade, B. Manoun, S. Krimi, and A. El Jazouli - Ab initio determination and Rietveld refinement of the crystal structure of Ni0.50TiO(PO4) (10)
  • Khalid A. AL-Farhan - FARHAN - a qualitative and quantitative PC program for X-ray powder diffraction  (16)
  • Zhuming Yang, Gordon Cressey, and Mark Welch - Reappraisal of the space group of bafertisite (22)
  • Grzegorz Malecki, Alicja Ratuszna  - Crystal structure of cyanometallates Me3[Co(CN)6]2 and KMe[Fe(CN)6] with Me= Mn2+, Ni2+,Cu2+ (25)
  • J. M. Loezos, T. A. Vanderah, and A. R. Drews - Barium hollandite-type compounds BaxFe2xTi8-2xO16 with x=1.143 and 1.333 (31)
  • A. Meden, D. Kolar, and S. Skapin - Crystal structure and powder data of davidite-type La2Ti10.27Ga9.63O38 (36)
  • A. V. Yatsenko, V. V. Chernyshev, and H. Schenk - 2-aminophenalenone: Crystal data and molecular packing (42)
  • G. V. Narasimha Rao, T. Sakuntala - X-ray powder diffraction study of K3H(SO4)2(45)
  • Hongxiang Wu, Lidun Ma - X-ray powder diffraction data for cobalt tris-ethylenediamine bromide trihydrate and cobalt tris-ethylenediamine iodide hemihydrate (49)
  • E. Morin, T. Le Mercier, M. Quarton, E. R. Losilla, M. A. G. Aranda, and S. Bruque - Neutron powder diffraction data for low- and high-temperature NASICON phases of LiM2(PO4)3 (M=Hf, Sn) (53)
  • M. Halvarsson, V. Langer, and S. Vuorinen - X-ray powder diffraction data for k-Al2O3 (61)
  • K. Gotzmann, U. Burkhardt, M. Ellner, and Yu. Grin - Powder diffraction data for the homeotypic intermetallic compounds (Co,Ni)4Al13(h) and Co2NiAl9 (64)


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