Powder Diffraction - Vol. 14 Number 2 - June 1999

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  • Ting C. Huang - Editorial - On Notes for Authors  (83)
  • Robert E. Dinnebier - Rigid bodies in powder diffraction. A practical guide (84)
  • T. R. C. Fernandes, J. I. Langford - Line broadening in chromites from Zimbabwe using high-resolution X-ray diffraction (93)
  • Yanan Xiao, Shinjiro Hayakawa, Yohichi Gohshi, Masaharu Oshima, Fujio Izumi, Hiroki Okudera, Hideo Toraya, and Kazumasa Ohsumi - A Rietveld-analysis program for X-ray powder spectro-diffractometry (106)
  • E. M. Larson, Joe Wong, J. B. Holt, P. A. Waide, and B. Rupp - The combustion synthesis of the ferroeclectric material, BaTiO3, studied by time-resolved X-ray diffraction  (111)
  • G. Goswami, J. D. Panda - Application of XRD in a rapid quality control system of cement (114)
  • N. Mattern, A. Teresiak, T. Schubert, W. Löser, and S. Doyle  - High temperature X-ray diffraction study of phase decomposition in rapidly quenched Al-Ge-Si (118)
  • D. Gur, G. Kimmel - Positional ordering in the light RE-Ga systems (RE = rare earth element) (122)
  • P. Bénard-Rocherullé, S. Députier, F. Charki, and R. Guérin - X-ray powder diffraction data for the ternary phases W5As2.5P1.5 and Ni4Nb5P4 (126)
  • Johannes J. Retief -Powder diffraction data and Rieveld refinement of Hagg-carbide, X-Fe5C2  (130)
  • A. V. Yatsenko, V. V. Chernyshev, S. G. Zhukov, E. J. Sonneveld, and H. Schenk - Crystal structure of 3-methoxybenzanthrone from X-ray powder diffraction (133)
  • Héctor Novoa de Armas, Rolando González Hernández, Anailien Boza Rivera, Ramón Pomés Hernández, and Irminia Herrera Martínez - Crystal pseudopolymorphism of secnidazole bulk drug, C7H11N3O3 (136)
  • Héctor Novoa de Armas, Eladio Perdillo-Fontdevila and Ramón Pomés Hernández - Crystal and X-ray powder diffraction data for cefotaxime sodium salt, C16H16N5NaO7S2 (142)
  • Liangqin Nong, Lingmin Zeng- X-ray powder diffraction study on ErNi2Ge2 (145)


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