Powder Diffraction - Vol. 15 Number 1 - March 2000

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  • Horst Joseph Pentinghaus, Michael Tovar - Obituary: Walter Hans Eysel - 1935-1999 (1)


  • Rahul Surana, Raj Suryanarayanan - Quantitation of crystallinity in substantially amorphous pharmaceuticals and study of crystallization kinetics by X-ray powder diffractometry (2)
  • J. C. Taylor, I. Hinczak, and C. E. Matulis - Rietveld full-profile quantification of Portland cement clinker: The importance of including a full crystallography of the major phase polymorphs (7)
  • Hiroshi Hayakawa, Toshimi Takada, Hirotoshi Enoki, and Etauo Akiba - Crystallographic data of new superlattice phases for spinel  LiMo2O4 at low temperatures (19)
  • A.-E. Gobichon, J.-P. Auffrédic, and D. Louër - A temperature-dependent powder diffraction study of chromium lanthanum nitrate, LaCr(NO3)6 . 12H2O (23)
  • L. De Stefano, F. De Luca, G. Buccolieri, and P. Plescia - Milling effects upon quantitative determinations of chrysotile asbestos by the reference intensity ratio method (26)
  • Martin Oetzel, Franz-Dieter Scherberich, and Gernot Hoger - Heating device for high temperature X-ray powder diffraction studies under controlled water vapour pressure (O-1000 mbar) and gas temperature (20-200 ° C) (30)
  • Wei Lianhu, Xiao Yunde, Zhang Jinbei, and Lin ShaoFan - An introduction of chemical structure coding in the X-ray Powder Diffraction File™ (38)
  • Fred J. Wicks - Status of the reference X-ray powder diffraction patterns for the serpentine minerals in the PDF database - 1997 (42)


  • A. Bentayeb, O. Masson, Y. Noack, A. Yacoubi, and A. Nadiri - A mineralogical study of a natural pyrophyllite (51)
  • Umberto Costa, Paolo Ballirano - Improved powder X-ray data for the cement phase Ca12Al14O32F2 (C11A7f) (56)
  • Gunnar Raade, Hans Jørgen Berg - Powder X-ray diffraction data for innelite (62)
  • Rashmi, D. K. Suri - X-ray powder diffraction study of CuInSeTe (65)


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