Powder Diffraction - Vol. 16 Number 1 - March 2001

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  • Giovanni Berti - A method for routine comparison of XRPD measurements (1)
  • Giovanni Berti - Application of diffraction instrumental monitoring to the analysis of diffraction patterns from a Round Robin project on KCl (6)
  • Richard W. Schaeffer, Monica Ardelean - Powder X-ray diffraction of oriented and intercalated lead iodide (16)
  • Sampath S. Iyengar, Neelima V. Phadnis, and Raj Suryanarayanan - Quantitative analyses of complex pharmaceutical mixtures by the Rietveld method (20)
  • Maria Cristina Comunian Ferraz, Heitor Cury Basso, and Yvonne P. Mascarenhas - Study of YBa2Cu3O7-x reaction kinetics by Rietveld method (25)


  • W. Paxzkowicz, M. Marczak, A.M. Vorotynov, K.A. Sablina, and G.A. Petrakovskii - Powder diffraction study of LiCu2O2 crystals (30)
  • E. Smit, B. Manoun, S.M.C. Verryn, and D. de Waal - Improvement of X-ray powder diffraction patterns of the spin transition polymer [Fe(Htrz)3](ClO4)2 . 1.85H20 (37)
  • Mattheas Wilhelm, Fank Kubel, and Werner Wruss - XRD investigation of Si-SiC composites with fine SiC microstructure (42)
  • Petr Melnikov, Alexandre Cuin, Pedro P. Corbi, Mauricio Cavicchioli, and Antonio C. Massabni - Powder X-ray characterization of djenkolic acid (46)


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  • Calendar of Meetings (50)
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