Powder Diffraction - Vol. 16 Number 3 - September 2001

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  • W. Wong-Ng, J. A. Kaduk, and J. Dillingham - Crystallographic studies and X-ray diffraction patterns of Ba5R8Zn4O21 by Rietveld refinements (131-143)


  • Alan D. Mighell - Ambiguities in powder pattern indexing: A ternary lattice metric singularity (144-148)
  • Markus Wunschel, Robert E. Dinnebier, and Sander van Smaalen - Long term stability of a modern powder diffractometer (149-152)
  • Fernando Aparecido Sigoli, Carlos de Oliveira Paiva-Santos, Miguel Jafelicci, Jr., and Marian Rosaly Davolos - Study of crystallite size and strain as a function of morphological evolution in zinc oxide powder obtained from hydroxycarbonate precursor (153-159)
  • Adriana Echavarría, Luz Amparo Palacio, and Carlos Saldarriaga - Structural characterization of a new zinc phosphate: (ZnPO4)4(H3PO4)2(C4N2H14)2 (160-162)


  • Pedro P. Corbi, Petr Melnikov, and Antonio C. Massabni - X-ray powder diffraction analysis of methionine sulfoxide (163-164)
  • Yunxia Che, Jimin Zheng, Jianmin Hao, and Lianqing Chu - X-ray powder diffraction analysis of an organic adduct m-nitrobenzoic acid diethanolamina for nonlinear optics (165-166)
  • Yunxia Che, Jimin Zheng, Jianmin Hao, and Lianqing Chu - X-ray powder diffraction analysis of adducts triglycine fluoroberyllic acid and triglycine selenic acid for pyroelectric application (167-169)


  • J. R. Verkouteren - APD III: The Tradition Continues at NIST (170-171)
  • Ernest Kessler and Gabrielle Long - Richard D. Deslattes Passes Away in May 2001 (171)
  • Calendar of Meetings - Donald R. Petersen (172-175)
  • Short Courses and Workshops - Donald R. Petersen (175-176)