Powder Diffraction - Vol. 16 Number 4 - December 2001

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  • Ting C. Huang - Professor Deane K. Smith and the journal Powder Diffraction ( 179)
  • Camden R. Hubbard, Ron Jenkins, and Robert L. Snyder - Obituary–Deane K. Smith ( 179-180)


  • Deane K. Smith, Gerald G. Johnson, Jr., and Clayton O. Ruud - Clay mineral analysis by automated powder diffraction analysis using the whole diffraction pattern (181-185)
  • Deane K. Smith - Particle statistics and whole-pattern methods in quantitative X-ray powder diffraction analysis (186-191)


  • Deane K. Smith - Review of questionnaire to AIHA accredited laboratories for the analysis of silica (192-197)
  • C. K. Lowe-Ma, W. T. Donlon, and W. E. Dowling - Comments on determining X-ray diffraction-based volume fractions of retained austenite in steels (198-204)
  • S. N. Tripathi, R. Mishra, M. D. Mathews, and P. N. Namboodiri - X-ray powder diffraction investigation of new high temperature polymorphs of CaTeO3 and CaTe2O5 (205-211)
  • X. S. Wu, F. Z. Wang, and S. S. Jiang - Structure determination and Rietveld refinement of Y0.8Ca0.2Ba1.8La0.2Cu3Oy (212-215)


  • Paolo Ballirano and Adriana Maras - Improved powder X-ray data for cancrinites IV: Franzinite (216-219)
  • Hrudananda Jena, R. Asuvathraman, M. V. Krishnaiah, and K. V. Govindan Kutty - X-ray powder diffraction of RE6UO12 (RE = Eu, Gd, and Dy) (220-223
  • G. Vanhoyland, M. K. Van Bael, J. Mullens, and L. C. Van Poucke - Structure determination of anhydrous acid strontium oxalate by conventional X-ray powder diffraction (224-226)
  • S. A. Ivanov, R. Tellgren, H. Rundlöf, and V. G. Orlov - Structural studies of α-Bi2O3 by neutron powder diffraction (227-230)
  • Yu PuLan, Ding Shuang, Qiao Yuan Yuan, Yao XinKan, Zhang HaiYue, and Lin ShaoFan - X-ray powder diffraction studies of multipyrazole series compounds (231-235)


  • Debra L. Kaiser - Thirteenth American Conference on Crystal Growth and Epitaxy (ACCGE-13) (236)
  • Alan D. Mighell - The 2001 Annual Meeting of the American Crystallographic Association (236-237)
  • Donald R. Petersen - Calendar of Meetings (237-240)
  • Short Courses and Workshops (240-241)