Powder Diffraction - Vol. 17 Number 1 - March 2002

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  • D. Louër, V. Moise, M. Liégeois-Duyckaerts, and A. Rulmont - A powder diffraction study of MIBaIn2(PO4)3 (MI = Na, K, Cs) with a langbeinite-type structure (1-6)
  • T. N. Blanton and C. R. Hoople - X-ray diffraction analysis of ultrathin platinum silicide films deposited on (100) silicon (7-9)
  • V. Poblete, G. Navarro, V. Martin, and M. Alvarez - Synthesis and structural characterization of luminescent materials. The elpasolite Cs2NaTbCl6 (10-12)
  • A. Valor, E. Reguera, and F. Sánchez-Sinencio - Synthesis and X-ray diffraction study of calcium salts of some carboxylic acids (13-18)
  • Kacem Sbai, Azzeddine Atibi, Khadija El Kababi, and Said Belaaouad - Chemical preparation and crystal data for four new condensed phosphates (19-22)
  • S. Belaaouad and K. Sbai - Chemical preparation and crystal data for two new condensed phosphates (23-24)


  • X. S. Wu, H. Sha, W. S. Tan, Tao Yu, A. Hu, S. S. Jiang, J. Wang, and Y. F. Ding -The crystal structure of La0.7Pr0.3Ba2Cu3Od ceramic compound (25-29)
  • Herman Koster and Ben A. McCool - Powder diffraction of the cubic perovskite La0.2Sr0.8Fe0.8Co0.1Cr0.1O3–delta(30-31)
  • S. N. Tripathi, S. N. Achary, and P. N. Namboodiri - X-ray powder diffraction studies of a new compound: Th13Te24O74(32-36)
  • Minna Güne, Manu Lahtinen, and Jussi Valkonen - Powder X-ray diffraction data for potassium silver thiocyanate, AgK(SCN)2 and dipotassium silver thiocyanate, AgK2(SCN)3 (37-40)
  • Rashmi and U. Dhawan - X-ray powder diffraction study of ZnGa2Te4 (41-43)
  • Yu PuLan, Ding Shuang, Qiao YuanYuan, Yao XinKan, Liu Chong, and Lin ShaoFan -X-ray diffraction data of C16H14O4Ru2M (M=Ge,Si) (44-47)
  • Yu PuLan, Ding Shuang, Qiao YuanYuan, Yao XinKan, Zhang HaiYue, and Lin ShaoFan -Powder diffraction analysis of substituted sulfonylurea (48-51)
  • Marie-Claude Corbeil and Laurianne Robinet - X-ray powder diffraction data for selected metal soaps(52-60)


  • International Association for the Advancement of High Pressure Science and Technology (AIRAPT)
    Charles Prewitt - (61)
  • The 2001 Material Research Society (MRS) Fall Meeting Report
    Winnie Wong-Ng - (61)
  • Calendar of Meetings
    Donald R. Petersen - (62-65)
  • Short Courses and Workshops (65-66)