Powder Diffraction - Vol. 17 Number 3 - September 2002

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  • Y. Le Page, John R. Rodgers, and Peter S. White - Modeling of hP3 intermetallics in space group P-3m1: Calculated powderpatterns from CRYSTMET® X-ray cell data and ab initio coordinates (165)
  • Toru Mitsunaga, Mari Saigo, and Go Fujinawa - High-precision parallel-beam X-ray system for high-temperature diffraction studies (173)
  • Phe Man Suherman, Arie van Riessen, Brian O'Connor, Deyu Li, Dick Bolton, and Hans Fairhurst - Determination of amorphous phase levels in Portland cement clinker (178)
  • Z. K. Heiba, M. B. El-Den, and Karimat El-Sayed - The effect of the partial substitution of sulfur on the structural and microstructural properties of selenium (186)
  • Z. K. Heiba - X-ray quantitative analysis of the phases developed upon air annealing of ZnSe, CdSe, and CdS semiconductors (191)
  • Jennifer R. Verkouteren, Eric S. Windsor, Joseph M. Conny, Robert L. Perkins, and J. Todd Ennis - Analysis of kaolinite/chrysotile mixtures by ashing and x-ray diffraction (196)
  • W. Wong-Ng, J. A. Kaduk, and J. Dillingham - Crystal structures and reference diffraction patterns of BaSrR4O8 (202)
  • P. Bénard-Rocherullé, H. Tronel, and D. Louër - Structure determination from powder diffraction data of a new layered ammonium lanthanum sulfate, β-(NH4)La(SO4)2 (210)
  • Jeffrey E. Post, Peter J. Heaney, and Jonathan Hanson - Rietveld refinement of a triclinic structure for synthetic Na-birnessite using synchrotron powder diffraction data (218)
  • J. Bashir, Rao Tahir A. Khan, N. M. Butt, and G. Heger  - Thermal atomic displacement parameters of SrO (222)


  • S. N. Achary, S. J. Patwe, and A. K. Tyagi - Powder XRD study of Ba4Eu3F17 : A new anion rich fluorite related mixed fluoride (225)
  • H. Ehrenberg, M. Knapp, C. Baehtz, and S. Klemme - Tetragonal low-temperature phase of MgCr2O4 (230)
  • S. Ferdov, V. Kostov-Kytin, and O. Petrov - Improved powder diffraction patterns for synthetic paranatisite and natisite (234)
  • Weiqun Zhou, Chao Xie, Zheng Jin, and Zong-ming Jin - X-ray powder diffraction analysis of a nonlinear optical material N-(p-methoxy benzoyl)-N'-(p-methyl phenyl! thiourea (238)
  • Weiqun Zhou, Zhenjiang Zhang, Zheng Jin, and Zong-ming Jin - X-ray powder diffraction analysis of a nonlinear optical material N-(p-methoxy benzoyl)-N'-(o-methyl phenyl) thiourea (241)
  • Ailette Aguila Tobien, Peter Varlashkin - X-ray powder diffraction analysis of +--fenoprofen calcium dihydrate (244)
  • Gunnar Raade, Hans-Jørgen Berg - Powder X-ray diffraction data for goosecreekite [CaAl2Si6O16.5H2O] (247)


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