Powder Diffraction - Vol. 18 Number 2 - June 2003

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  • Tom Blanton - Special Topics Section—Two-Dimensional Detectors (69)
  • Tim Fawcett - Powder Diffraction and the Denver X-ray Conference (70)


  • Bob Baoping He - Introduction to two-dimensional X-ray diffraction (71)
  • Ralph G. Tissot - Microdiffraction applications utilizing a two-dimensional proportional detector (86)
  • T. N. Blanton - X-ray film as a two-dimensional detector for X-ray diffraction analysis (91)
  • Kurt Helming, Mike Lyubchenko, Bob He, and Uwe Preckwinkel - A new method for texture measurements using a general area detector diffraction system (99)
  • R. D. Durst, Y. Diawara, D. Khazins, S. Medved, B. Becker, and T. Thorson - Novel, photon counting X-ray detectors (103)


  • J-M. Le Meins, L. M. D. Cranswick, and A. Le Bail - Results and conclusions of the internet based ‘‘Search/match round robin 2002'' (106)
  • W. Paszkowicz, R. Cerny, and S. Krukowski - Rietveld refinement for indium nitride in the 105–295 K range (114)
  • B. Manoun, L. Popovic´, D. De Waal, and S. M. C. Verryn - Rietveld refinements of a new solid solution Ba(3-x)Srx(PO4)2 (0<=x<=3) (122 )
  • A. Le Bail, A.-M. Mercier - Distorted chiolite crystal structures of alpha-Na5M3F14 (M=Cr,Fe,Ga) studied by X-ray powder diffraction (128)
  • Mark A. Rodriguez, David Ingersoll, and Daniel H. Doughty - Quantitative analysis of Li contents in LixCoO2 cathodes via Rietveld refinement (135)
  • Lingmin Zeng, Liangwei Chen, Shaoping Pu, Yikun Yang, Wenggui Gao, and Yao Yu - Crystallographic study of PtCl2(C2H3O2)2(C6H13N)(NH3) by Rietveld refinement (140)


  • V. G. Vlasenko, A. T. Shuvaev, V. A. Shuvaeva, and A. I. Uraev  - X-ray powder diffraction data of the novel copper and iron complexes as models for the active site in metalloproteins (144) 
  • S. N. Achary, G. D. Mukherjee, A. K. Tyagi, and B. K. Godwal - Powder x-ray diffraction data of a new polymorph of HfMo2O8 (147)
  • J. Y. Howe, C. J. Rawn, L. E. Jones, and H. Ow - Improved crystallographic data for graphite (150)
  • Wilson A. Crichton, Mohamed Mezouar, Giulio Monaco, and Sara Falconi - Phosphorus: New in situ powder data from large-volume apparatus (155) 
  • N. P. Vyshatko, V. V. Kharton, A. L. Shaula, and F. M. B. Marques - Powder X-ray diffraction study of LaCo0.5Ni0.5O3- and LaCo0.5Fe0.5O3  (159) 
  • F. J. W. J. Labuschagne´, S. M. C. Verryn, and W. W. Focke - X-ray powder diffraction data for ammonium D-gluconate, C6H11O7 - NH4 + (162)



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  • Calendar of Meetings (192) 
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