Powder Diffraction - Vol. 18 Number 3 - September 2003

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  • Robert E. Dinnebier  - FWHM optimized polynomial smoothing filters: A practical approach 199
  • Chaouki Boudaren, Jean-Paul Auffrédic, Michèle Louër, and Daniel Louër - A powder X-ray diffraction study of lead chloride oxalate Pb2Cl2(C2O4): ab initio structure determination and thermal behavior
  • C. E. Botez, P. W. Stephens, C. Nunes, and R. Suryanarayanan - Crystal structure of anhydrous delta-D-mannitol (214)
  • L. Gama, C. O. Paiva-Santos, C. Vila, P. N. Lisboa-Filho, and E. Longo - Characterization of nickel doped Zn7Sb2O12 spinel phase using Rietveld refinement (219)


  • Kacem Sbai, Malika Tridane, Ali Abouimrane, Saïd Belaaouad, and Abdelouahed Cherqaoui - Chemical preparation and crystal data for two new cyclotriphosphates MIIK4(P3O9)2 (MII = Co2+ and Mn2+) (224)
  • Luz Amparo Palacio, Adriana Echavarrý´a, and Carlos Saldarriaga - Structural data of a cobalt molybdate type Phix(227)
  • Svend Erik Rasmussen, Sidsel Grundvig, Britta Lundtoft, and Folmer Fogh - Crystal data for CaNa-iminodisulphonate, trihydrate (230)
  • Kacem Sbai, Khadija El Kababi, and Saïd Belaaouad - Chemical preparation and crystal data for two hydrated cyclotriphosphates SrMIP3O9·3H2O and their corresponding anhydrous SrMIP3O9 (MI = K + and Tl + ) (233)
  • L. Marosi, J. Cifré, and C. Otero Areán  -  X-ray powder diffraction analysis of the heteropoly-molybdate (MoO2)0.5PMo14O42 (236)
  • S. Pikus, E. Olszewska, W. Podkos´cielny, M. Rogulska, and A. Kultys  - Powder diffraction data for the new aliphatic-aromatic thiodiols (240)
  • J. C. Poveda, J. A. Henao, L. Y. Vargas, and V. V. Kouznetsov  - X-ray powder diffraction data of 4-N-(4-methylphenyl)amino- 4-(3[prime]-pyridyl)-1-butene(244)
  • Maciej Grzywa, Alicja Rafalska-£asocha, and Wie³saw £asocha  - X-ray powder diffraction data of potassium µ-Oxo-bis(oxodiperoxovanadate)(4-) hydrate K4[O{VO(O2)2}2]H2O (248)
  • Else Breval, Nichole Wonderling, and Joseph P. Dougherty  - X-ray powder diffraction data of A-formula lanthanum and titanium substituted lead zirconate (252)
  • Rashmi  - X-ray powder diffraction study of defect-tetrahedral structure quaternary compound CuZnGa3Te6 (263)
  • A. Rafalska-Lasocha and W. Lasocha- X-ray powder diffraction studies of aniline derivatives (266)


  • An Appreciation (269)
  • Howard F. McMurdie (271)
  • Regional Reports (272)
  • Calendar of Meetings (275)
  • Short Courses and Workshops (276)
  • Cumulative Author Index (272)