Powder Diffraction - Vol. 18 Number 4 - December 2003

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  • Svend Erik Rasmussen  - Relative merits of reflection and transmission techniques in laboratory
    powder diffraction
  • Keka R. Chakraborty, A. K.Tyagi - Neutron diffraction study of La1-xNdxCrO3 for x50.0, 0.05, 0.1, 0.2, and 0.25 (285)
  • H. Chaker, A. Kabadou, M. Toumi, and R. Ben Hassen - Rietveld refinement of the gadolinium strontium oxide SrGd2O4 (288)
  • L. Dobiášsová, H. Šichová, and V. Valvoda - Powder X-ray diffraction analysis of the ferroelectric liquid crystal with a 2-methylbutoxypropionate unit as a function of temperature (293)
  • Koichiro Fukuda, Kazuko Fukutani - Crystal structure of calcium zirconium diorthophosphate, CaZr(PO4)2 (296)
  • B. Manoun, A. El Jazouli, P. Gravereau, and J. P. Chaminade - Synthesis and X-ray characterization of Li(1-2x)NixTiO(PO4) (0<=x<=0.50) (301)


  • Manuela Ramos Silva, Ana Matos Beja, Jose Antonio Paixao, Abilio J. F. N. Sobral, Ana S. M. Ressurreicao, and A. M. d'A. Rocha Gonsalves - Improved powder diffraction data for two cholesterol derivatives (306)
  • Sergey V. Tsybulya, Galina N. Kryukova - New X-ray powder diffraction data on δ-Al2O3 (309)


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