Powder Diffraction - Vol. 19 Number 3 - September 2004

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  • V. M. Bouznik, S. D. Kirik, L. A. Solovyov, and A. K. Tsvetnikov - A crystal structure of ultra-dispersed form of polytetrafluoroethylene based on X-ray powder diffraction data(219)
  • V. G. Vlasenko, A. T. Shuvaev, A. L. Nivorozkin, and A. I. Uraev - XRD and EXAFS studies of azomethynic copper metallochelates as models of blue copper proteins (225)
  • O. Pritula, L . Smrcok, D. M. Tobbens, and V. Langer - X-ray and neutron Rietveld quantitative phase analysis of industrial Portland cement clinkers (232)
  • Ángeles G. De la Torre, María-Gema López-Olmo, Carmen Álvarez-Rua, Santiago García-Granda, and
    Miguel. A. G. Aranda - Structure and microstructure of gypsum and its relevance to Rietveld
    quantitative phase analyses
  • Il Mo Kang, Hi-Soo Moon, Yungoo Song, and Myung Hun Kim - Equations for quantifying Fe and K within the illite structure using X-ray powder diffraction (247)
  • A. Le Bail Monte Carlo indexing with McMaille (249)
  • R. Martínez-García, E. Reguera, J. Rodriguez, J. Balmaseda, and J. Roque - Crystal structures of some manganese(II) and cadmium hexacyanoferrates (II,III) and structural transformations related to the sorption of Cesium (255)
  • S. N. Achary, M. D. Mathews, and A. K. Tyagi - Synthesis and Rietveld refinements of monoclinic Er2BaF8 (265)


  • Pedro P. Corbi, Antonio C. Massabni, and Claudio M. Costa-Neto - X-ray powder diffraction analysis of a new palladium~II! amino acid complex (270)
  • Abderrahim Aatiq - Synthesis and structural characterization of ASnFe(PO4)3 (A=Na2,Ca,Cd) phosphates with the Nasicon type structure (272)
  • D. D. Khalyavin, A. M. R Senos, and P. Q. Mantas - Crystal structure of Sr2MgWO6 and Ba2SrWO6 determined by powder X-ray diffraction (280)
  • R. Martínez-García, E. Reguera, J. Balmaseda, G. Ramos, and H. Yee-Madeira - On the crystal structures of some nickel hexacyanoferrates (II,III) (284)
  • A. Rafalska-Lasocha, B. Wlodarczyk-Gajda, M. Grzywa, and W. Lasocha - X-ray powder diffraction investigations of phenol derivatives (292)
  • Ming-Tao Zhang, Yuan-Yuan Qiao, Shao-Fan Lin, and Xin-Kan Yao - X-ray powder diffraction analysis of three two-component molecular crystals: 4-chloroanilinium and chloronitrobenzoic acids (296)


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