Powder Diffraction - Vol. 19 Number 4 - December 2004

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  • Ting C. Huang - Special section on selected papers from the 2003 Chinese National Symposium
    on X-ray Diffraction


  • G. B. Song, J. K. Liang, F. S. Liu, L. T. Yang, J. Luo, and G. H. Rao - Subsolidus phase relations and crystal structures in the Pr1+xBa2-xCu3O7± δ system at 950 °C (320 )
  • Xiurong Hu, Ziqin Yuan, and Guanglie Lu - Determination of crystal structures of polymorphic chlorothalonil using Monte Carlo simulated annealing and Rietveld refinement (325)
  • H. L. Cai, X. S. Wu, F. Z. Wang, A. Hu, S. S. Jiang, J. F. Feng, B. Qian, J. H. Xing, C. J. Chen, X. Chen, M. H. Sun, and Z. H. Wu - Crystal structure of Cu doped La0.67Ca0.33MnO3 by Rietveld refinement (329)
  • H. W. Ma, J. K. Liang, G. Y. Liu, and G. H. Rao - UACIEM: A new method to extract reliable intensities of nonequivalent systematical overlapping reflections from powder diffraction data (333 )
  • YuanYuan Qiao, YunFei Xi, DongTao Zhuo, JiJun Wang, and ShaoFan Lin - Qualitative phase analysis system for crystalline mixtures based on X-ray powder diffraction file (340 )
  • J. Xu, X. S. Wu, B. Qian, J. F. Feng, S. S. Jiang, W. S. Tan, C. J. Chen, X. Chen, M. H. Sun, and Z. H. Wu - An X-ray scattering study on inverted Ge–Si huts grown at low temperatures (347)
  • Wei Tao Zheng, Xin Wang, Xianggui Kong, Hongwei Tian, Shansheng Yu, Zhudi Zhao, and Xiaotian Li - Crystal structures and magnetic properties of Fe–N thin films deposited
    by dc magnetron sputtering


  • Vanessa Kate Peterson - A Rietveld refinement investigation of a Mg-stabilized triclinic tricalcium silicate
    using synchrotron X-ray powder diffraction data
  • S. Pikus, E. Olszewska, I. Mel’nyk, and R. E. Gladyshevskii - X-ray powder diffraction analysis and initial Rietveld characterization of SmAlSi and SmAlGe (359)
  • Axel Nørlund Christensen - Solution of heavy atom structures from powder diffraction data using direct
    methods. A review of structures solved at Aarhus University
  • J. Keckes, M. Hafok, E. Eiper, A. Hofer, R. Resel, and C. Eisenmenger-Sittner - Evaluation of experimental stress–strain dependence in thermally cycled Al thin film on Si(100) (367)


  • Jirong Huang, Lingmin Zeng, and Zhihui Sun - X-ray powder diffraction data and Rietveld refinement of CrFe3NiSn5 (372)
  • Kacem Sbai, Said Belaaouad, Abdelkebir Kenz, El Mostafa Tace, and Malika Tridane - Chemical preparation and crystal data for two condensed phosphates NiCs4(PO3)6 and NiK4(P3O9)2 (375)
  • A. Rafalska-Lasocha, M. Grzywa, B. Wlodarczyk-Gajda, and W. Lasocha - Powder diffraction investigations of naphthalenesulfonic acids and their complexes with DMAN (378)
  • Koichiro Fukuda, Hiroyuki Matsubara, Kazuko Fukutani, and Hideto Yoshida - Powder X-ray diffraction data of a new calcium zirconium phosphate Ca7ZrsPO4d6 (385)


  • Howard F. McMurdie—An Appreciation (388)
  • The 53rd Annual Denver X-ray Conference (390)
  • Review of Molecular Modeling of Clays and Mineral Surfaces (392)
  • Calendar of Meetings (392)
  • Short Courses & Workshops (393)

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