Powder Diffraction - Vol. 2 Number 2 - June 1987

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  • D. K. Smith et al. - Quantitative X-ray Powder Diffraction Method Using the Full Diffraction Pattern (73)
  • L. S. Zevin and I. M. Zevin - X-ray Diffractometry of Low-Mass Samples (78)
  • C. Sussieck-Fornefeld and K. Schmetzer - A Modified Gandolfi Camera with Improved Adjustment Facilities (82)
  • R. Jenkins, M. Holomany, and W. Wong-Ng - On the Need for Users of the Powder Diffraction File to Update Regularly (84)
  • R. G. Garvey and G. J. McCarthy - Illustrative Mineralogical Applications of the Level III Powder Diffraction File Computer Database Implemented in a Data Management Environment (88)
  • J. Renault - Quantitative Phase Analysis by Linear Regression of Chemistry on X-ray Diffraction Intensity (96)
  • G. Shoham, N. Cohen, S. Schneider, and I. Mayer - X-ray Powder Structural Analysis of the Complexes of Benzo-15-Crown-5 with NaClO4 and KI: [C14H20O5]NaClO4 and [C14H20O5]2KI (99)
  • E. F. Merrachi, F. Chassagneux, and B. F. Mentzen - Données Cristallographiques sur le Trioxalato-Chromate (III) de Potassium Trihydrate (102)
  • E. F. Merrachi, B. F. Mentzen, and F. Chassagneux - Données Cristallographiques sur le Trioxalato-Chromate (III) de Potassium Trihydrate (104)
  • H. F. McMurdie et al. - Standard X-ray Diffraction Powder Patterns from the JCPDS Research Associateship (106)
  • Letter to the Editor (118)
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  • Calendar of Meetings (119)
  • JCPDS-ICDD Subcommittee Activities (120)
  • Short Courses and Workshops (122)
  • Book Reviews (124)
  • General Announcements (124)
  • Computer Comments (128)