Powder Diffraction - Vol. 20 Number 3 - September 2005

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  • Alexander P. Tyutyunnik, Vladimir G. Zubkov, Ludmila L. Surat, Boris V. Slobodin, and Gunnar Svensson - Synthesis and crystal structure of the pyrovanadate Na2ZnV2O7 (189)
  • W. Wong-Ng, J. Suh, and J. A. Kaduk - X-ray reference patterns and structure of the perovskite-related phase R2Cu9Ti12O36 (R=lanthanides) (193)
  • Hanna Lind and Magnus Boström - Re-determining the Nowotny chimney–ladder structure VGe1.82 from powder diffraction data (198)
  • M. Grzywa, M. Róøycka, and W. Łasocha - Crystal structure of potassium tetraperoxomolybdate (VI) K2[Mo(O2)4] (203)
  • S. N. Achary, A. K. Tyagi, S. K. Kulshreshtha, O. D. Jayakumar, P. S. R. Krishna, A. B. Shinde, and K. R. Chakraborty - Crystal structure of low-cristobalite-type Al0.5Ga0.5PO4: A combined Rietveld refinement of neutron and X-ray diffraction data (207)
  • S. M. Frank, T. L. Barber, and M. J. Lambregts - Powder diffraction of sodalite in a multiphase ceramic used to immobilize radioactive waste (212)
  • V. Grover, Keka R. Chakraborty, and A. K. Tyagi - Structural elucidation of stabilized tetragonal ThSiO4: A neutron diffraction study (215)
  • Chang-An Wang, Aiguo Zhou, Liang Qi, and Yong Huang - Quantitative phase analysis in the Ti–Al–C ternary system by X-ray diffraction (218)
  • Veronika Simova, P. Bezdicka, J. Hradilova, D. Hradil, and T. Grygar - X-ray powder microdiffraction for routine analysis of paintings (224)
  • Il Mo Kang, Myung Hun Kim, Youn Joong Kim, Hi-Soo Moon, and Yungoo Song - Evaluation of expandability for randomly interstratified illite/smectite using interstratificational peak broadening (230)
  • A. Broadhurst, K. D. Rogers, D. W. Lane, and T. W. Lowe - The direct determination of X-ray diffraction data from specific depths (233)


  • Gerald Monger and Peter
    Varlashkin - X-ray powder diffraction analysis of abacavir hemisulfate (241)
  • Alla B. Antonova, Oleg S. Chudin, and Sergei D. Kirik - New X-ray powder diffraction data for heterometallic complexes with unsaturated organic ligands Cp(CO)2MnPt(μ-CvCHPh)( η2-dppm),
    [Cp(CO)2MnCu(μ-C==CHPh)]2(μ-Cl)2, CpMnFe23-CvCHPh)(CO)8
    and η4-[Cp(CO)2MnC(CO)CHPh]Fe(CO)3(Cp= η5-C5H5 ;dppm=Ph2PCH2PPh2)

  • S. N. Achary and A. K. Tyagi - Synthesis and characterization of mixed fluorides with PbF2 and ScF3 (254)


  • John M. Neil and Alexandra Navrotsky - A simple tool for handling and loading capillary tubes (259)


Pharmaceutical Powder X-ray Diffraction Symposium (PPXRD-4) (260)
Lab Skills Enhanced with ICDD X-ray Clinics (260)
ICDD Spring Meetings (261)
Obituary (268)
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