Powder Diffraction - Vol. 21 Number 1 - March 2006

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  • Brian Toby and Jim Kaduk - New Section on Crystallography Education (1)
  • Ting C. Huang - We welcome a new Editor for New Diffraction Data (3)

Technical Articles

  • F. Goetz-Neunhoeffer and J. Neubauer - Refined ettringite (Ca6Al2(SO4)3(OH)12 ·26H2O) structure for quantitative X-ray diffraction analysis (4)
  • Vanessa K. Peterson, Abhi S. Ray, and Brett A. Hunter - A comparative study of Rietveld phase analysis of cement clinker using neutron, laboratory X-ray, and synchrotron data (12)
  • C. J. Ball - Determination of lattice parameters from synchrotron powder data: A study using high temperature data for tungsten and alumina (19)
  • E. Eiper, K. J. Martinschitz, and J. Keckes - Combined elastic strain and macroscopic stress characterization in polycrystalline Cu thin films (25)
  • Il Mo Kang, Myung Hun Kim, Youn Joong Kim, Hi-Soo Moon, and Yungoo Song - Effect of layer structure boundary on the hectorite basal diffraction (30)
  • Keka R. Chakraborty, P. S. R. Krishna, S. V. Chavan, and A. K. Tyagi - A neutron diffraction study on ceria-neodia solid solutions (36)
  • P. R. Sagdeo, Shahid Anwar, and N. P. Lalla - Powder X-ray diffraction and Rietveld analysis of La<sub>1−xCaxMnO3(0<X<1) (40)
  • Abderrahim Aatiq, My Rachid Tigha, Rabia Hassine, and Ismael Saadoune - Crystallochemistry and structural studies of two newly CaSb0.50Fe1.50(PO4)3 and Ca0.50SbFe(PO4)3 Nasicon phases (45)
  • Norberto Masciocchi and Davide Gianni - X-ray powder diffraction characterization of disilver trihydrogen paraperiodate (52)


  • Hector Novoa de Armas, Oswald M. Peeters, Norbert Blaton, Dirk J. A. De Ridder, and Henk Schenk - X-ray powder diffraction data and crystal data of polymorphic form 2 of carnidazole (56)
  • Werner Krause - X-ray powder diffraction data for botallackite (59)
  • G. D. Mukherjee, V. Vijayakumar, B. K. Godwal, S. N. Achary, and A. K. Tyagi - Powder X-ray diffraction study of a new polymorph of Al2(WO4)3 (63)


  • Brian H. Toby - R factors in Rietveld analysis: How good is good enough? (67)
  • J. Cui, Q. Huang, and B. H. Toby - Magnetic structure refinement with neutron powder diffraction data using GSAS: A tutorial (71)

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