Powder Diffraction - Vol. 21 Number 3 - September 2006

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  • Ting C. Huang - ICDD’s Editor-in-Chief of PDF retires (189)


  • Nathalie Audebrand, Christine Bourgel, and Daniel Louër - Ex-oxalate magnesium oxide, a strain-free nanopowder studied with diffraction line profile analysis (190)
  • Z. Yang, W. Wong-Ng, L. P. Cook, J. A. Kaduk, and Q. Z. Huang - X-ray and neutron powder diffraction studies of (Ba1−xSrx)Y2CuO5 (200)
  • Mohamed Chakir, Abdelaziz El Jazouli, and Jean-Pierre Chaminade - Synthesis and crystal structure of Na3.5Cr1.5Co0.5(PO4)3 phosphate (210)
  • Abderrahim Aatiq, Btissame Haggouch, Rachid Bakri, Youssef Lakhdar, and Ismael Saadoune - Structural characterization of two K2SnX(PO4)3 X=Fe,Yb with langbeinite structure (214)
  • Koichiro Fukuda, Hajime Hasegawa, Tomoyuki Iwata, and Shinobu Hashimoto - Crystal structure of calcium cobalt orthophosphate, CaCo[Ca0.1Co0.9](PO4)2 (220)
  • R. Karray, A. Kabadou, A. Ben Salah, and A. van der Lee - X-ray powder diffraction study of cesium ammonium hexachlorotellurate [Cs0.86(NH4)0.14]2TeCl6 (225)
  • M. Chakir, A. El Jazouli, and J. P. Chaminade - Synthesis and X-ray characterization of Li0.5M0.25TiOAsO4 (M=Mg,Co,Ni,Zn) oxyarsenates (229)


  • S. Belkhiri, D. Mezaoui, H. Rebbah, S. Ouhenia, and M. A. Belkhir - X-ray powder diffraction analysis of K3Nb3WO9(AsO4)2 (236)
  • S. A. Tayebifard, K. Ahmadi, R. Yazdani-Rad, and M. Doroudian - New X-ray powder diffraction data for Mo2.85Al1.91Si4.81 (238)
  • Pedro Pereira Silva, Manuela Ramos Silva, José António Paixão, and Ana Matos Beja - Powder diffraction data for N,N’-diphenylguanidinium nitrate at room and low temperatures (241)
  • F. Needham, J. Faber, T. G. Fawcett, and D. H. Olson - X-ray powder diffraction analysis of tegafur (245)


  • Noriaki Kishima and Takuya Matsuzaki - A simple method of monitoring the size, location, and inhomogeneity of the incident X-ray beam in a powder diffractometer (248)


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