Powder Diffraction - Vol. 22 Number 4 - December 2007

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  • Ting C. Huang - We welcome a new editor as we say farewell to Professor O’Connor (289)
  • Xiaolong Chen - Special section on selected papers from the 9th Chinese National Conference on X-ray Diffraction and ICDD Workshop (291)


  • Y. P. Sun, Yinxiao Du, W. Y. Wang, Ming He, G. M. Cai, and X. L. Chen - Structure of a new compound KBaB5O9 and photoluminescence characteristics of KBaB5O9:Eu3+ (292)
  • J. X. Deng, X. R. Xing, J. Chen, R. B. Yu, G. R. Liu, and J. Meng - Crystal structure of microwave dielectric ceramics Ba [(Mg1−xCdx)0.33Nb0.67]O3 (295)
  • Liangqin Nong, Xiying Yang, Lingmin Zeng, and Jingping Liu - Qualitative and quantitative phase analyses of Pingguo bauxite mineral using X-ray powder diffraction and the Rietveld method (300)
  • Gong Ning-bo, Lu Yang, Zheng Xiao-wei, and Zhang Ji - Identification of traditional Chinese medicine Costustoot by X-ray diffraction Fourier fingerprint pattern method (303)
  • D. Y. Cong, Y. D. Wang, J. Z. Xu, L. Zuo, P. Zetterström, and R. Delaplane - Neutron diffraction study on crystal structure and phase transformation in Ni-Mn-Ga ferromagnetic shape memory alloys (307)
  • Wei He, Jiliang Zhang, and Lingmin Zeng - Rietveld refinement of ternary compound Gd117Fe52Ge112 (312)
  • Tao An, Hongwei Tian, and Weitao Zheng - X-ray reflectivity and diffraction investigation on TiN/SiNx nanolayered coatings deposited by magnetron sputtering (316)
  • Jianfeng Fang, Jing Huo, Jinyuan Zhang, and Yi Zheng - Study of a chemical-vapor-deposited diamond thin film on a molybdenum substrate by glancing incidence X-ray diffraction (319)
  • Bo Hong, Chuan-hai Jiang, and Xin-jian Wang - XRD characterization of texture and internal stress in electrodeposited copper
    films on Al substrates


  • Gemei Cai, Ming He, X. L. Chen, W. Y. Wang, Y. F. Lou, H. H. Chen, and J. T. Zhao - Crystal structure and luminescence properties of a novel promising phosphor Ba3ScB9O18 (328)
  • F. Laufek, A. Vymazalová, and J. Plášil - Crystal structure and powder diffraction pattern of high-temperature modification
    of Pd73Sn14Te13
  • L. Q. Yan, Z. W. Jiang, X. D. Peng, L. H. He, and F. W. Wang - Powder X-ray diffraction and Rietveld analysis of Cd1−xCuxCr2O4(0.1<=x<=0.7) (340)
  • Pascal Maillard, Patricia Bénard-Rocherullé, Thierry Roisnel, and Franck Tessier - X-ray powder diffraction investigation of new oxynitride precursors: rare earth oxide compounds of fluorite- and sheelite-type structures in the Yb-(Zr,W)-O
  • D. R. Hummer, P. J. Heaney, and J. E. Post - Thermal expansion of anatase and rutile between 300 and 575 K using synchrotron
    powder X-ray diffraction


2007 American Crystallographic Association Annual Meeting (358)
ICCOSS XVIII Mérida, Venezuela (359)
The 56th Annual Denver X-ray Conference (DXC) (360)
Frontiers in Mineral Sciences (364)
Calendar of Meetings (365)
Short Courses & Workshops (366)

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