Powder Diffraction - Vol. 23 Number 1 - March 2008

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  • Ting C. Huang - We welcome a new interim managing editor (1)
  • Ting C. Huang - New features for Powder Diffraction (2)

Technical Articles

  • Y. F. Lou, W. Y. Wang, G. M. Cai, Y. P. Sun, and C. Wang - Crystal structure determination of new compounds Li6MB3O9 (M=Nd,Sm,Eu,Tm,Er) (3)
  • Jeffrey E. Post, Peter J. Heaney, and Andreas Ertl - Rietveld refinement of the ranciéite structure using synchrotron powder diffraction data (10)
  • F. Laufek, J. Návrátil, and V. Goliáš - Synthesis and Rietveld refinement of skutterudite-related phase CoSn1.5Te1.5 (15)
  • M. D. Dolan, B. Harlan, J. S. White, M. Hall, S. T. Misture, S. C. Bancheri, and B. Bewlay - Structures and anisotropic thermal expansion of the α, β, γ, and δ polymorphs of Y2Si2O7 (20)
  • Yeqing Chen, Bing He, Jiejun He, Wei He, Lingmin Zeng, and Liangqin Nong - Crystal structure, properties, and diffraction data of a new compound Dy5Co6Sn18 (26)
  • Shang Fei, Jian Ji-kang, Wu Rong, Zheng Yu-feng, and Sun Yan-fei - Texture-tuned growth of CdTe thin films by closed-space sublimation technique (31)
  • Husin Sitepu - In situ structural and texture analyses of monoclinic phase for polycrystalline Ni-rich Ti49.86Ni50.14 alloy from neutron diffraction data (35)
  • V. Soleimanian and S. R. Aghdaee - Comparison methods of variance and line profile analysis for the evaluation of microstructures of materials (41)
  • V. B. Nalbandyan - Thallium manganese sulfate hexahydrate, a missing Tutton’s salt, and a brief review of the entire family (52)


  • Richard Harrington, Gabrielle C. Miles, and Anthony R. West - Diffraction data of Zn3Cu4Sb2O12 (56)
  • Lingmin Zeng, Jiejun He, Pingli Qin, and Xiangzhong Wei - Powder diffraction data of a new compound Al0.35GdGe2 (60)

British Crystallographic Association Pharmaceutical Special Interest Group Meeting Report (63)
British Crystallographic Association Industrial Group Autumn Meeting (64)
The 2007 Material Research Society (MRS) Fall Meeting Report (65)
Calendar of Meetings 66 Short Courses & Workshops (68)