Powder Diffraction - Supplement Vol. 23 Number 2 - June 2008

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  • Ting C. Huang - Special issue on papers from the Latin American conference on applications of
    powder diffraction
  • Eduardo Granado - Highlights from the Latin American conference on applications of powder


  • Armel Le Bail - Frontiers between crystal structure prediction and determination by powder
  • Márcio de Sousa Góes, José Arana Varela, Carlos de Oliveira Paiva-Santos, Biljana D. Stojanovic, and André Vitor Chaves de Andrade - Rietveld analysis of mechanically activated BaCO3–TiO2 system (S13)
  • H. P. S. Corrêa, C. O. Paiva-Santos, L. F. Setz, L. G. Martinez, S. R. H. Mello-Castanho, and M. T. D.
    Orlando - Crystal structure refinement of Co-doped lanthanum chromites (S18)
  • L. G. Martinez, J. L. Rossi, H. P. S. Corrêa, C. A. C. Passos, and M. T. D. Orlando - Study on the crystal structure of the high Tc superconductor (Hg,Re)–1223 (S23)
  • Gisele A. Castro, Lucas A. M. Ferreira, Rodrigo L. Oréfice, and Vicente T. L. Buono - Characterization of a new solid lipid nanoparticle formulation containing retinoic acid for topical treatment of acne (S30)
  • D. A. A. Santos, A. D. P. Rocha, and M. A. Macêdo - Rietveld refinement of transition metal doped ZnO (S36)
  • Andréa Vidal Ferreira, Ariete Righi, Fernando Gabriel Silva Araújo, Denise Crocce Romano Espinosa, and Jorge Alberto Soares Tenório - Applications of the Rietveld method to quantify the crystalline phases of Portland cement clinker doped with nickel and chromium (S42)
  • I. O. Fábregas, D. G. Lamas, L. M. Acuña, N. E. Walsöe de Reca, A. F. Craievich, M. C. A. Fantini, and R. J. Prado - Crystal structure and local order of nanocrystalline zirconia-based solid solutions (S46)
  • C. M. R. Remédios and J. M. Sasaki - Formation studies of NiO by X-ray powder diffraction (S56)
  • M. T. D. Orlando, L. Kuplich, D. O. de Souza, H. Belich, J. B. Depianti, C. G. P. Orlando, E. F. Medeiros, P. C. M. da Cruz, L. G. Martinez, H. P. S. Corrêa, and R. Ortiz - Study of calcium oxalate monohydrate of kidney stones by X-ray diffraction (S59)
  • Daniela Russo Leite, Márcio de Sousa Góes, Paulo Roberto Bueno, José Arana Varela, Carlos de Oliveira Paiva-Santos, and Mario Cilense - Aspects of solid state formation and properties of Sn0.9Ti0.1O2 system doped with CoO and Nb2O5 (S65)
  • L. M. Acuña, R. O. Fuentes, D. G. Lamas, I. O. Fábregas, N. E. Walsöe de Reca, and A. F. Craievich - High-temperature X-ray powder diffraction study of the tetragonal-cubic phase transition in nanocrystalline, compositionally homogeneous ZrO2–CeO2 solid solutions (S70)
  • A. T. Adorno, R. A. G. Silva, and V. H. S. Utuni - Pearlitic reaction in Cu-10wt%Al alloy with Ag additions (S75)
  • A. E. Bianchi, L. Montenegro, R. Viña, and G. Punte - Microstructure anisotropy in CuO powders (S81)
  • Paula M. Abdala, Diego G. Lamas, Mária E. Fernández de Rapp, Noemí E. Walsöe de Reca, Aldo F. Craievich, and Márcia C. A. Fantini - Synchrotron X-ray powder diffraction study of the tetragonal-cubic phase transition in nanostructured ZrO2-Sc2O3 solid solutions (S87)
  • M. E. L. Sabino, D. M.Oliveira, V. D. Falcão, A. C. Bernardes-Silva, and J. R. T. Branco - Structural analysis of ZnO thin films obtained by d.c. sputtering and electron beam evaporation (S91)
  • G. Juárez-Díaz, H. Solache-Carranco, G. Romero-Paredes R., R. Peña-Sierra, J. Martínez-Juárez, R. Galeazzi, A. Esparza-García, M. Briseño-García, and J. A. Henao - X-ray diffraction and photoluminescence studies of zinc oxide films grown on silicon substrates by dc reactive magnetron sputtering (S94)

    Cumulative Author Index (S98)