Powder Diffraction - Vol. 23 Number 2 - June 2008

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  • Ting C. Huang - Special issue on selected articles from the proceedings of the 2007 Denver X-ray Conference (73)


  • Frans J. M. Rietmeijer - Understanding the comet Wild 2 mineralogy in samples from the Stardust mission (74)
  • Sean Brennan, Katharina Luening, Konstantin Ignatyev, Piero Pianetta, Hope A. Ishii, and John P. Bradley - Analytical methods for discriminating stardust in aerogel capture media (81)


  • Anthony C. Rizzie, Thomas R. Watkins, and E. Andrew Payzant - Elaboration on the hexagonal grid and spiral trace schemes for pole figure data collection (87)
  • Masahisa Wada, Yoshiharu Nishiyama, Henri Chanzy, Trevor Forsyth, and Paul Langan - The structure of celluloses (92)
  • E. A. Laitila and D. E. Mikkola - Employing X-ray scattering to characterize materials with grain sizes in the nano-regime (96)
  • Takeyoshi Taguchi, Christian Brönnimann, and Eric F. Eikenberry - Next generation X-ray detectors for in-house XRD (101)
  • Conal E. Murray, S. M. Polvino, I. C. Noyan, B. Lai, and Z. Cai - Real-space strain mapping of SOI features using microbeam X-ray diffraction (106)
  • J. Kikuma, T. Nayuki, T. Ishikawa, S. Matsuno, and G. Asano - In situ structural analysis of BPDA-PPD polyimide thin film using two-dimensional grazing incidence X-ray diffraction (109)
  • Gerald Stubbs, Amy Kendall, Michele McDonald, Wen Bian, Timothy Bowles, Sarah Baumgarten, Ian McCullough, Jian Shi, Phoebe Stewart, Esther Bullitt, David Gore, and Said Ghabrial - Flexible filamentous virus structures from fiber diffraction (113)
  • Brent M. Wilson and Matthew G. Dick - Development of a predictive life tool for tapered roller bearings using measured residual stress and retained austenite data (118)
  • Mark A. Rodriguez, Timothy J. Boyle, Pin Yang, and Damon L. Harris - A beryllium dome specimen holder for XRD analysis of air sensitive materials (121)
  • Tamás Ungár - Dislocation model of strain anisotropy (125)
  • S. T. Misture - Effects of hydrogen on the interactions of fuel cell sealing glasses with interconnect alloys (133)
  • J. Sariel, I. Dahan, and Y. Gelbstein - Rhombohedral-cubic phase transition characterization of (Pb,Ge)Te using high-temperature XRD (137)
  • John Faber and Justin Blanton - Full pattern comparison of experimental and calculated powder patterns using the Integral Index method in PDF-4+ (141)


  • Shinsuke Kunimura and Jun Kawai - Handy waveguide TXRF spectrometer for nanogram sensitivity (146)
  • B. Chyba, M. Mantler, and M. Reiter - Monte Carlo simulation of projections in computed tomography (150)

The 7th Pharmaceutical Powder X-ray Diffraction Symposium Orlando, Florida USA - Fangling Needham, Photos by Timothy Fawcett International Centre for Diffraction Data (154)
2008 ICDD Spring Meetings—10–14 March 2008 (155)
Calendar of Meetings (163)
Short Courses & Workshops (164)

D. Flaherty - 2008 Denver X-ray Conference (166)
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