Powder Diffraction - Vol. 23 Number 3 - September 2008

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  • Roxana Bugoi, Bogdan Constantinescu, Emmanuel Pantos, and Dragomir Popovici - Investigation of Neolithic ceramic pigments using synchrotron radiation X-ray diffraction (195)
  • Yinxiao Du, Haixing Hou, and Fanguang Zeng - Effects of organic additives and temperature on the structures and morphologies of calcium carbonate crystals in the presence of cetyltrimethylammonium bromide (200)
  • Thomas Borrmann, James H. Johnston, Andrew J. McFarlane, Kenneth J. D. MacKenzie, and Akihiko Nukui - Structural elucidation of synthetic calcium silicates (204)
  • Zhao-hui Pu, Chuan-zheng Yang, Pei Qin, Yu-wan Lou, and Li-fang Cheng - X-ray diffraction characterization of the microstructure of close-packed hexagonal nanomaterials (213)
  • Lingmin Zeng, Yeqing Chen, Wei He, and Liangqin Nong - Nonlinear thermal expansion in Li2NiMn3O8 (224)
  • W. Ben Aribia, M. Loukil, A. Kabadou, and A. Ben Salah - X-ray powder diffraction study of Sn0.59Ti0.41Te3O8 (228)
  • Abderrahim Aatiq, Rachid Bakri, and Aaron Richard Sakulich - Preparation and crystal structure of SbV1.50InIII0.50(PO4)3 and (SbV0.50InIII0.50)P2O7 (232)
  • L. Khemakhem, A. Kabadou, A. Ben Salah, and N. Abdelmoula - X-ray powder diffraction and dielectric study of BaTi1−x(Zn1/3Nb2/3)xO3 (x=0.025 and 0.9) (241)


  • Wilson A. Crichton and Harald Müller - Brochantite-2M2 from Pierre Plate Mine, Vizille (246)
  • B. Grushko and S. Balanetskyy - X-ray powder diffraction data for Al73.5Ni18.5Re8 orthorhombic phase (251)
  • M. Alizadeh, K. Ahmadi, A. Maghsudipour, and F. Moztarzadeh - Powder X-ray diffraction data of new bismuth yttrium gadolinium oxides (255)
  • Mark A. Rodriguez, Robert M. Ferrizz, Clark S. Snow, and James F. Browning - X-ray powder diffraction data for ErH2−xDx (259)


  • V. B. Nalbandyan - Nonexistence of NdMMgMn2O6 (M=Li, Na, K, Cs) compounds (265)


  • D. R. Hummer, P. J. Heaney, and J. E. Post - Corrections to “Thermal expansion of anatase and rutile between 300 and 575 K using synchrotron powder X-ray diffraction” [Powder Diffr. 22, 352–357 (2007)] (267)

American Crystallographic Association Annual Meeting (268)
British Crystallographic Association Spring Meeting Industrial Group Highlightsark Farnworth (269)
The International Summer School on “Structure Determination from Powder Diffraction Data”(272)
Calendar of Meetings (273)
Short Courses & Workshops (275)
Cumulative Author Index (276)