Powder Diffraction - Vol. 23 Number 4 - December 2008

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  • Allen Huang and Ting C. Huang - We say farewell to our assistant editor (285)


  • Norberto Masciocchi, Luigi Garlaschelli, and Giulia Peli - Synthesis and X-ray powder diffraction characterization of tetra- and hexa-imidazole complexes of magnesium (II) (286)
  • P. S. Whitfield, Y. Le Page, A. Abouimrane, and I. J. Davidson - Ab initio structure determination of the low-temperature phase of succinonitrile from laboratory X-ray powder diffraction data—Coping with potential poor powder quality using DFT ab initio methods (292)
  • Luis Reinaudi, Ezequiel P. M. Leiva, and Raúl E. Carbonio - Improvement in determining the crystal structure of inorganic compounds using powder diffraction data (300)
  • Nickolay A. Tumanov, Elena V. Boldyreva, and Hans Ahsbahs - Structure solution and refinement from powder or single-crystal diffraction data? Pros and cons: An example of the high-pressure β'-polymorph of glycine(307)
  • J. K. Liang, L. N. Ji, G. M. Cai, J. B. Li, J. Luo, J. Y. Zhang, Y. H. Liu, G. H. Rao, and X. L. Chen - Crystal structure and thermal properties of compound K2Zn3(P2O7)2 (317)
  • Alessandro F. Gualtieri, Magdalena Lassinantti Gualtieri, and Carlo Meneghini - In situ high-temperature synchrotron powder diffraction study of the thermal decomposition of cement-asbestos (323)
  • Yu Guo, Wenxia Yuan, Bo Song, and Yanping Xu - Chemical reactions in the Co–Si–C system (329)
  • Yaxin Sun and Dongli Yu - Phase evolution of MgB2 prepared under high pressure (334)


  • E. Olszewska, S. Pikus, and B. Tarasiuk - New powder diffraction data of some derivatives of N-alkyl (aryl)2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetamide—New potential pesticides (338)
  • Selma Gutierrez Antonio, Fernanda Ribeiro Benini, Fabio Furlan Ferreira, Paulo César Pires Rosa, and Carlos de Oliveira Paiva-Santos - Synchrotron X-ray powder diffraction data of atorvastatin (350)
  • B. Grushko and D. Pavlyuchkov - X-ray powder diffraction data for ω and C2 phases of Al–Cu–Ir (356)
  • O. Zaikina, D. Pavlyuchkov, V. Khorujaya, and T. Velikanova - X-ray powder diffraction data for new ternary phases in the Al–Ti–Pt system (360)


The 57th Annual Denver X-ray Conference DXC and The 8th International Conference on Residual Stresses (363)

The 2008 Materials Science & Technology MS&T08 Conference & Exhibition (366)

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