Powder Diffraction - Vol. 24 Number 1 - March 2009

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  • Nicole M. Ernst - Introducing PeerXPress for Powder Diffraction (1)
  • Ting C. Huang - Powder Diffraction: Theory and Practice — a new and comprehensive book on the methods and applications of powder diffraction (2)


  • L. N. Ji, Y. Q. Chen, J. B. Li, J. Luo, J. K. Liang, and G. H. Rao - Crystal structure determination of K2Zn(PO3)4 (4)
  • P. Rajiv, R. E. Dinnebier, and M. Jansen - Automatic determination of phase transition points in in situ X-ray powder diffraction experiments (8)
  • Jennifer S. Le Blond, Gordon Cressey, Claire J. Horwell, and Ben J. Williamson - A rapid method for quantifying single mineral phases in heterogeneous natural dusts using X-ray diffraction (17)
  • Wang Jun, Song Bo, Wang Wen-jun, Wu Rong, Sun Yan-fei, Zheng Yu-feng, and Jian Ji-kang - Synthesis and characterization of zinc sulfide hollow microspheres (24)


  • B. Grushko - X-ray powder diffraction data for high-temperature Al4Re(Ni)
  • J. Maixner, J. Rohlíček, B. Kratochvíl, and A Šturc - X-ray powder diffraction data for alaptide, 8(S)-methyl-6,9-diazaspiro/4,5/ decane-7,10-dione or cyclo(L-Alanyl-1-ami-no-1-cyclopentan carbonyl), cyclo(L-Ala-Acp) (32)
  • J. Barbier, L. J. M. Davis, G. R. Goward, and L. M. D. Cranswick - Ab initio structure determination of SrBi2OB4O9 by powder X-ray/neutron diffraction and NMR spectroscopy (35)
  • Guilherme Oliveira Siqueira, Érica Gonçalves Gravina, Jackson Antônio Lamounier Camargos Resende, and Nelson Gonçalves Fernandes - XRD diffraction data and Rietveld refinement of Na8[Si6Al6O24]Cl2 (41)
  • S. G. Antonio, C. O. Paiva-Santos, P. P. Corbi, A. C. Massabni, and F. C. Andrade - Powder X-ray characterization of lithium thiazolidine-4-carboxylate (44)
  • Johana Arboleda, Adriana Echavarría, and Luz Amparo Palacio - Powder diffraction data of Mn2MoO5 .0.6H2O (48)
  • Rajesh Kumar and Ranjana Ghose - X-ray powder diffraction study of some cobalt (II) complexes (50)
  • M. Alizadeh, K. Ahmadi, and A. Maghsoudipour - Powder diffraction data for new bismuth yttrium ytterbium oxides by XRD (53)


  • Joseph H. Reibenspies and Nattamai Bhuvanesh - A side-loading hermetic sample holder for X-ray powder diffraction (56)


  • Testimonial and Obituary in honor of Dr. Eugene P. Bertin (59)
  • 2008 European Materials Research Society Fall Meeting (60)
  • 2008 Workshops on Specimen Preparation for XRF & Rietveld Refinement & Indexing (60)
  • Calendar of Meetings (65)
  • Short Courses & Workshops (66)
  • Notes For Authors (68)
  • Cumulative Author Index (73)