Powder Diffraction - Vol. 24 Number 2-sup - June 2009

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  • Ting C. Huang - Supplement issue for representative papers from the Eighth International Conference on Residual Stresses (S1)
  • I. Cevdet Noyan and Michael B. Prime - The Eighth International Conference on Residual Stresses (S1)


  • George Roy - Complementarity of experimental and numerical methods for determining residual
    stress states
  • S. Wroński, K. Wierzbanowski, A. Baczmański, A. Lodini, Ch. Braham, and W. Seiler - X-ray grazing incidence technique—corrections in residual stress measurement—a review (S11)
  • Balder Ortner - Why we should give up the sin2 Ψ method (S16)
  • Y. B. Guo and S. Anurag - Finite element modeling of residual stress profile patterns in hard turning (S22)
  • P. Lukáš, P. Strunz, V. Davydov, and R. Kužel - Evaluation of substructure parameters by peak profile analysis of high-resolution neutron diffraction spectra (S26)
  • J. Altenkirch, A. Steuwer, M. J. Peel, and P. J. Withers - The extent of relaxation of weld residual stresses on cutting out cross-weld test-pieces (S31)


  • Yoshiaki Akiniwa, Hidehiko Kimura, and Takeo Sasaki - Effect of residual stresses on fatigue strength of severely surface deformed steels by shot peening (S37)
  • A. T. Fry and J. D. Lord - Measuring residual stresses in stainless steel—recent experiences within a VAMAS exercise (S41)
  • Jürgen Gegner, Lorenz Schlier, and Wolfgang Nierlich - Evidence and analysis of thermal static strain aging in the deformed surface zone of finish-machined hardened steel (S45)
  • Beth S. Matlock, Daniel J. Snoha, and Scott M. Grendahl - Using XRD elastic and plastic strain data to evaluate the effectiveness of different cold-working techniques in aerospace materials (S51)
  • Siddhartha Roy, Jens Gibmeier, and Alexander Wanner - Residual stresses in novel metal/ceramic composites exhibiting a lamellar microstructure (S59)
  • J. Repper, M. Hofmann, C. Krempaszky, R. C. Wimpory, W. Petry, and E. Werner - Microstrain accumulation in multiphase superalloys (S65)
  • Hiroshi Suzuki, Manabu Kanematsu, and Koichi Kusunoki - Neutron diffraction studies on strain evaluation of rebar in reinforced concrete (S68)
  • Javier R. Santisteban, Axel Steuwer, Gladys Domizzi, and Matthew J. Peel - Determination of residual stresses around blisters in Zr-2.5%Nb pressure tubes (S72)
  • Thorsten Manns, André Rothkirch, and Berthold Scholtes - Residual stress determination in surface treated alumina samples applying beam limiting masks (S77)
  • M. Klaus, W. Reimers, and Ch. Genzel - Application of energy-dispersive diffraction to the analysis of highly inhomogeneous residual stress fields in thin film structures (S82)


Cumulative Author Index (S87)