Powder Diffraction - Vol. 24 Number 2 - June 2009

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  • Ting C. Huang, Tom Blanton, and George Havrilla - Special issue on representative articles from 2008 Denver X-ray Conference (75)
  • Ting Huang - In memory of Tomoya Arai, a renowned scientist in X-ray fluorescence research
    and development


  • T. N. Blanton, C. L. Barnes, M. Holland, K. B. Kahen, S. K. Gupta, and F. Bai - X-ray diffraction characterization of MOVPE ZnSe films deposited on (100) GaAs using conventional and high-resolution diffractometers (78)
  • Mark A. Rodriguez, David P. Adams, and Ralph G. Tissot - Determination of activation energy of intermixing in textured metal-metal multilayer films via two-dimensional X-ray diffraction (82)
  • Y. Kuru, M. Wohlschlögel, U. Welzel, and E. J. Mittemeijer - Grain growth in nanocrystalline copper thin films investigated by non-ambient X-ray diffraction measurements (85)
  • G. A. Waychunas - Natural nanoparticle structure, properties and reactivity from X-ray studies (89)
  • B. J. Harder, J. Almer, K. N. Lee, and K. T. Faber - In situ stress analysis of multilayer environmental barrier coatings (94)
  • Zdenek Pala, Nikolaj Ganev, and Jan Drahokoupil - X-ray diffraction study of anisotropic state of residual stress after down-cut and up-cut face grinding (99)
  • Charles M. Dozier and Noureddine Anibou - An innovative EDXRD verification probe (102)
  • Severin Seifert, Juergen Neubauer, Friedlinde Goetz-Neunhoeffer, and Hubert Motzet - Application of two-dimensional XRD for the characterization of the microstructure of self-leveling compounds (107)
  • C. Hesse, F. Goetz-Neunhoeffer, J. Neubauer, M. Braeu, and P. Gaeberlein - Quantitative in situ X-ray diffraction analysis of early hydration of Portland cement at defined temperatures (112)


  • Lynn B. Brostoff, Catherine I. Maynor, and Robert J. Speakman - Preliminary study of a Georgia O’Keeffe pastel drawing using XRF and μXRD (116)
  • C. Namowicz, K. Trentelman, and C. McGlinchey - XRF of cultural heritage materials: Round-robin IV—paint on canvas (124)
  • M. Dumont, N. Zoeger, C. Streli, P. Wobrauschek, G. Falkenberg, P. M. Sander, and A. R. Pyzalla - Synchrotron XRF analyses of element distribution in fossilized sauropod dinosaur bones (130)
  • Kazuhiko Nakano, Kenta Okubo, and Kouichi Tsuji - Preconcentration of environmental waters by agar for XRF analysis (135)
  • C. Horntrich, F. Meirer, C. Streli, P. Kregsamer, G. Pepponi, N. Zoeger, and P. Wobrauschek - Influence of the sample morphology on total reflection X-ray fluorescence analysis (140)


  • Jennifer S. Le Blond, Gordon Cressey, Claire J. Horwell, and Ben J. Williamson - Erratum: A rapid method for quantifying single mineral phases in heterogeneous natural dusts using X-ray diffraction (Volume 24, Issue 1, pp. 17–23) (145)
  • J. Maixner, J. Rohlíček, B. Kratochvíl, and A. Šturc - Erratum: X-ray powder diffraction data for alaptide, 8S-methyl-6,9-diazaspiro/4,5/ decane-7,10-dione or cyclo(L-Alanyl-1-ami-no-1-cyclopentan carbonyl), cyclo(L-Ala-Acp) (Volume 24, Issue 1) (146)


  • ICDD Annual Spring Meetings—Another Successful Year! (147)
  • Calendar of Meetings (155)
  • Short Courses & Workshops (156)

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  • 2009 Denver X-ray Conference (158)
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