Powder Diffraction - Vol. 24 Number 3 - September 2009

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  • Ting C. Huang - Statistical analysis of 2008 papers for Powder Diffraction (179)


  • Tomoyuki Iwata, Tatsuya Horie, and Koichiro Fukuda - Reinvestigation of crystal structure and structural disorder of Ba3MgSi2O8 (180)
  • A. Le Bail - Ab initio structure determination of nanosized Θ-KAlF4 with edge-sharing AlF6
  • Melanie Müller, Robert E. Dinnebier, Martin Jansen, StefanWiedemann, and Carsten Plüg - Kinetic analysis of the phase transformation from α- to β-copper phthalocyanine: A case study for sequential and parametric Rietveld refinements (191)
  • A. Jrifi, A. El Jazouli, J. P. Chaminade, and M. Couzi - Synthesis, crystal structure and vibrational spectra of Sr0.5Zr2(AsO4)3 (200)
  • Serge Vives and Cathy Meunier - Influence of the X-ray diffraction line profile analysis method on the structural and microstructural parameters determination of sol-gel TiO2 powders (205)
  • Fernando Colombo and Elisa V. Pannunzio Miner - Synthesis and crystal structure refinement by the Rietveld method of antimony-bearing titanite Ca(Ti0.6Al0.2Sb0.2)OSiO4 (221)
  • S. R. Aghdaee and V. Soleimanian - Dislocations, crystallite size, and planar faults in nanocrystalline ceria (228)
  • Jingran Su, Youting Song, Daofan Zhang, and Xinan Chang - Characterization of unidirectionally grown NaCl1−xBrxO3 crystals (234)
  • Torsten Westphal, Thomas Füllmann, and Herbert Pöllmann - Rietveld quantification of amorphous portions with an internal standard— Mathematical consequences of the experimental approach (239)


  • Johana Arboleda, Adriana Echavarria, and Luz Amparo Palacio - Synthesis and characterization of (NH4)1.5Cu2Cr2O8(OH)1.5·H2O (244)
  • Jialin Yan, Liuqing Liang, Xingwen Lu, Lingmin Zeng, and Liangqin Nong - New diffraction data and crystal structure of HoCo0.67Ga1.33 (247)
  • Peter Varlashkin - X-ray powder diffraction data of lapatinib ditosylate monohydrate (250)


  • A. Le Bail, L. M. D. Cranswick, K. Adil, A. Altomare, M. Avdeev, R. Cerny, C. Cuocci, C. Giacovazzo, I. Halasz, S. H. Lapidus, J. N. Louwen, A. Moliterni, L. Palatinus, R. Rizzi, E. C. Schilder, P. W. Stephens, K. H. Stone, and J. van Mechelen - Third structure determination by powder diffractometry round robin (SDPDRR-3) (254)
  • Ralph Rowe - New statistical calibration approach for Bruker AXS D8 Discover microdiffractometer with Hi-Star detector using GADDS software (263)


  • C. Namowicz, K. Trentelman, and C. McGlinchey - Erratum: XRF of cultural heritage materials: Round-robin IV—paint on canvas [Powder Diffr. 24, 124–129 (2009)] (272)
  • J. Maixner, J. Rohlíček, B. Kratochvíl, and A. Šturc - Erratum: X-ray powder diffraction data for alaptide, 8(S)-methyl-6,9-diazaspiro/4,5/ decane-7,10-dione or (cyclo(L-Alanyl-1-ami-no-1-cyclopentan carbonyl), cyclo(L-Ala-Acp) [Powder Diffr. 24, 32–34 (2009)](273)


  • The 14th International Clay Conference (XIV ICC) (274)
  • 17th Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Kristallographie March 9-12, Hannover, Germany (276)
  • The 2009 Material Research Society (MRS) Spring Meeting Report (277)
  • PPXRD-8 Summary (279)
  • Calendar of Meetings (281)
  • Short Courses & Workshops (282)
  • Cumulative Author Index (284)