Powder Diffraction - Vol. 25 Number 2 - June 2010

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  • Tom Blanton and George Havrilla - 58th Denver X-ray Conference and selected papers for the special June Powder Diffraction issue (89)
  • Ting C. Huang - Note from Editor-in-Chief (89)
  • Ting C. Huang - We welcome a new editor for calendar of meetings and workshops (90)
  • Winnie Wong-Ng - Farewell to Donald Petersen (April 14, 1929 to Feb 28, 2010) (91)


  • P. Zaumseil, A. Giussani, and T. Schroeder - Laboratory-based characterization of heteroepitaxial structures: Advanced experiments not needing synchrotron radiation (92)
  • J. Wittge, A. Danilewsky, D. Allen, P. McNally, Z. J. Li, T. Baumbach, E. Gorostegui-Colinas, J. Garagorri, M. R. Elizalde, D. Jacques, M. C. Fossati, D. K. Bowen, and B. K. Tanner - X-ray diffraction imaging of dislocation generation related to microcracks in Si wafers (99)
  • Shigeo Sato, Yohei Takahashi, Kazuaki Wagatsuma, and Shigeru Suzuki - Characterization of aging behavior of precipitates and dislocations in copper-based alloys (104)
  • Conal E. Murray, A. J. Ying, S. M. Polvino, I. C. Noyan, and Z. Cai - Nanoscale strain characterization in microelectronic materials using X-ray diffraction (108)
  • Pedro Brito, Haroldo Pinto, Manuela Klaus, Christoph Genzel, and Anke Kaysser-Pyzalla - Internal stresses and textures of nanostructured alumina scales growing on polycrystalline Fe3Al alloy (114)
  • S. P. Farrell, L. W. MacGregor, and J. F. Porter - Stress analysis on Canadian naval platforms using a portable miniature X-ray diffractometer (119)
  • Z. Matěj, R. Kužel, and L. Nichtová - XRD total pattern fitting applied to study of microstructure of TiO2 films (125)
  • C. M. Hefferan, S. F. Li, J. Lind, and R. M. Suter - Tests of microstructure reconstruction by forward modeling of high energy X-ray diffraction microscopy data (132)
  • Dane V. Morgan, Mike Grover, Don Macy, Mike Madlener, Gerald Stevens, and William D. Turley - Observations of shock-loaded tin and zirconium surfaces with single-pulse X-ray diffraction (138)
  • Mark A. Rodriguez, Mark H. Van Benthem, David Ingersoll, Sven C. Vogel, and Helmut M. Reiche - In situ analysis of LiFePO4 batteries: Signal extraction by multivariate analysis (143)
  • Isaac Vander, R. W. Zuneska, and F. J. Cadieu - Thickness determination of SmCo films on silicon substrates utilizing X-ray diffraction (149)
  • Sterling Cornaby, Detlef-M. Smilgies, and Donald H. Bilderback - Bifocal miniature toroidal shaped X-ray mirrors (154)
  • P. Bruyndonckx, A. Sasov, and B. Pauwels - Towards sub-100-nm X-ray microscopy for tomographic applications (157)
  • A. Haibel, F. Beckmann, T. Dose, J. Herzen, M. Ogurreck, M. Müller, and A. Schreyer - Latest developments in microtomography and nanotomography at PETRA III (161)
  • B. Chyba, M. Mantler, and M. Reiter - Monte Carlo simulations for the evaluation of various influence factors on projections in computed tomography (165)
  • B. De Samber, S. Vanblaere, R. Evens, K. De Schamphelaere, G. Wellenreuther, F. Ridoutt, G. Silversmit, T. Schoonjans, B. Vekemans, B. Masschaele, L. Van Hoorebeke, K. Rickers, G. Falkenberg, I. Szaloki, C. Janssen, and L. Vincze - Dual detection X-ray fluorescence cryotomography and mapping on the model organism Daphnia magna (169)
  • Patrick J. Parsons and Kathryn G. McIntosh - Human exposure to lead and new evidence of adverse health effects: Implications for analytical measurements (175)
  • W. T. Elam, Bruce Scruggs, and Joseph Nicolosi - Combined multiple-excitation FP method for micro-XRF analysis of difficult samples (182)
  • David R. Black, Donald Windover, Albert Henins, David Gil, James Filliben, and James P. Cline - Certification of NIST Standard Reference Material 640d (187)


  • 2010 ICDD Annual Spring Meetings (191)
  • Two-Dimensional X-ray Diffraction (200)
  • Calendar of Forthcoming Meetings (201)
  • Short Courses & Workshops (202)


  • D. Flaherty - 2010 Denver X-ray Conference (202)
  • Cumulative Author Index (222)