Powder Diffraction - Vol. 25 Number 4 - December 2010

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  • Nicole M. Ernst Boris - Supplementary data for Powder Diffraction (321)
  • Ting C. Huang - Note from Editor-in-Chief (321)


  • P. S. Whitfield, L. D. Mitchell, Y. Le Page, J. Margeson, and A. C. Roberts - Crystal structure of the mineral strontiodresserite from laboratory powder diffraction data (322)
  • Y. Gao and A. Le Bail - Di-μ-fluoro-bis[aqua-(dimethyl sulfoxide)-trifluorozirconium(IV)] (329)
  • Tatsunari Kudo, Yoshinori Hirano, Koichi Momma, and Koichiro Fukuda - Electron density distribution and crystal structure of lithium barium silicate, Li2BaSiO4 (336)
  • Luis E. Seijas, Asiloé J. Mora, Gerzon E. Delgado, Michela Brunelli, and Andrew N. Fitch - Study of the conversion of N-carbamoyl-L-proline to hydantoin-L-proline using powder synchrotron X-ray diffraction (342)
  • Y. Q. Chen, J. K. Liang, J. Luo, J. B. Li, and G. H. Rao - Anomalous phase composition in the two-phase region of DyFe3−xAlx (x≤1.0) (349)
  • Y. H. Chen, C. H. Jiang, Z. Wang, and K. Zhan - Influence of shot peening on surface-layer characteristics of a monocrystalline nickel-based superalloy (355)


  • Anna Dobija, Alicja Rafalska-Łasocha, and Wiesław Łasocha - Powder diffraction data of novel complexes CdX2-2(NH2-PhY), part I (359)
  • R. Pažout and J. Maixner - X-ray powder diffraction data for a DACH Pt iodide,
    cis-[diiodo(1R,2R)-1,2-diaminocyclohexane-κN,κN'] platinum(II)
  • Johana Arboleda and Adriana Echavarría - X-ray powder diffraction data for a new nickel zinc chromate, (NH4OH)3/2NiZn2Cr2O9·2H2O (371)


  • Zhen Jie Feng, Yong Lei Zheng, Yu Ling Su, Biao Shao, Ming Tao Li, Shi Xun Cao, and Jin Cang Zhang - New procedure to obtain Bragg-reflection intensities from FULLPROF suite for
    powder crystal-structure determination using GEST and PECKCRYST programs


  • Denise Flaherty - The 59th Annual Denver X-ray Conference (DXC) (377)
  • Matteo Leoni - European Powder Diffraction Conference (EPDIC 12) (381)


  • Gang Wang - Calendar of Forthcoming Meetings (382)
  • Short Courses & Workshops (383)

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