Powder Diffraction - Vol. 27 Number 2 - June 2012

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  • Ting C. Huang - Special issue on representative articles from 2011 Denver X-ray Conference (69)
  • Tom Blanton and George Havrilla - Sixtieth Denver X-ray Conference and selected papers for the special June Powder Diffraction issue (70)


  • Takashi Ohmori, Masatoshi Hatayama, Tadayuki Ohchi, Hisashi Ito, Hisataka Takenaka, and Kouichi Tsuji - Development of X-ray 2D dispersive device for WD-XRF imaging spectrometer (71)
  • Martina Schmeling, Donald S. Burnett, Amy J. G. Jurewicz, and Igor V. Veryovkin - Steps toward accurate large-area analyses of Genesis solar wind samples: evaluation of surface cleaning methods using total reflection X-ray fluorescence spectrometry (75)
  • Michael J. Haugh, Michael R. Charest, Patrick W. Ross, Joshua J. Lee, Marilyn B. Schneider, Nathan E. Palmer, and Alan T. Teruya - Calibration of X-ray imaging devices for accurate intensity measurement (79)
  • F. J. Cadieu, I. Vander, Y. Rong, and R. W. Zuneska - X-ray measurements of nanometer-thick tantalum oxide and hafnium oxide films on silicon substrates for thickness and composition determination (87)
  • Conal E. Murray, E. Todd Ryan, Paul R. Besser, ChristianWitt, Jean L. Jordan- Sweet, and Michael F. Toney - Understanding stress gradients in microelectronic metallization (92)
  • Peter W. Stephens, James A. Kaduk, Thomas N. Blanton, David R. Whitcomb, Scott T. Misture, and Manju Rajeswaran - Structure determination of the silver carboxylate dimer [Ag(O2C20H39)]2, silver arachidate, using powder X-ray diffraction methods (99)
  • Thomas N. Blanton, and Debasis Majumdar - X-ray diffraction characterization of polymer intercalated graphite oxide (104)
  • Mark A. Rodriguez, Paul G. Kotula, James J. M. Griego, Jason E. Heath, Stephen J. Bauer, and Daniel E. Wesolowski - Multivariate statistical analysis of micro-X-ray fluorescence spectral images (108)
  • Thomas Gnäupel-Herold - A software for diffraction stress factor calculations for textured materials (114)
  • Eric N. Coker, Mark A. Rodriguez, Andrea Ambrosini, James E. Miller, and Ellen B. Stechel - Using in-situ techniques to probe high-temperature reactions: thermochemical cycles for the production of synthetic fuels from CO2 and water (117)
  • Shouwen Shen, Syed R. Zaidi, Bader A. Mutairi, Ahmed A. Shehry, Husin Sitepu, Saud A. Hamoud, Fahad S. Khaldi, and Fatimah A. Edhaim - Quantitative XRD bulk and clay mineralogical determination of paleosol sections of Unayzah and Basal Khuff clastics in Saudi Arabia (126)
  • J. L. Garin, and R. L. Mannheim - Rietveld quantitative analysis of cast super duplex steel (131)
  • Roy G. Baggerly - Electrolytic phase extraction: a useful technique to evaluate precipitates in nitinol (136)


  • Tess Kozul - 2012 ICDD Annual Spring Meetings (140)


  • Calendar of Forthcoming Meetings Powder Diffraction June 2012 (147)
  • Calendar of Short Courses and Workshops Powder Diffraction June 2012 (148)
  • Denver X-ray Conference Program (149)
  • Cumulative Author Index (169)