Powder Diffraction - Vol. 27 Number 3 - September 2012

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  • Nicole M. Ernst Boris - About This Issue Including The Latest Diffraction Data, Techniques, Meeting Reports And Upcoming Subscription Changes (171)


  • Iván da Silva, Sara López - Tosco, David Tejedor, Fernando García-Tellado, and Javier González-Platas - Ab initio crystal structure determination of two chain functionalized pyrroles from synchrotron X-ray powder diffraction data (172)
  • Sytle M. Antao - The crystal structure of tin sulphate, SnSO4, and comparison with isostructural SrSO4, PbSO4, and BaSO4 (179)
  • Manel Jammali, Rached Ben Hassen, and Jan Rohlicek - Structural and electrical properties of Nd1.7Ba0.3Ni0.9Cr0.1O4+δ compound (184)
  • Andrew J. Locock, David Chesterman, Diane Caird, and M. John M. Duke - Miniaturization of mechanical milling for powder X-ray diffraction (189)
  • A. Sarkar, Satyam Suwas, D. Goran, J.-J. Fundenberger, L.S. Toth, and T. Grosdidier -
    Equal channel angular pressing processing routes and associated structure modification: a differential scanning calorimetry and X-ray line profile analysis (194)


  • J. Maixner, R. Pažout, I. Nováková, J. Holakovská, and P. Kačer - X-ray powder diffraction data for a DACH Pt dibromide, cis-[dibromo(1R,2R)- 1,2-diaminocyclohexane-κN, κN′] platinum(II) (200)
  • J. Maixner, and V. Bartunek - X-ray powder diffraction data for holmium nitrate pentahydrate (203)
  • R. Pažout, J. Maixner, R. Mundil, and I. Prokopová - X-ray powder diffraction data for trimethylene carbonate (208)
  • Mónica V. Sandoval, J. A. Henao, Arnold R. Romero Bohórquez, and Vladimir V. Kouznetsov - Synthesis and X-ray diffraction data of 5-acryloyloxy-trans-2-(4-methoxyphenyl)-3- methyl-2,3-dihydrobenzo[b]furan (211)
  • R. Pažout, and J. Sejkora - X-ray powder diffraction data for the mineral refikite (215)


  • Norberto Masciocchi, Antonietta Guagliardi, and Simona Galli - Report on the IISS2012 Summer School on Crystallography for Health and Biosciences (217)
  • Matteo Leoni - Size strain VI: diffraction analysis of the microstructure of materials, Presq' ile de Giens (France), 17–20 October 2011 (219)
  • Vanessa K. Peterson - The Ninth International Meeting of Pacific Rim Ceramic Societies (PAC RIM 9)
    incorporating AUSTCERAM 2011
  • David Rendle - BCA Spring Meeting 2012 (223)
  • Matteo Leoni - Third African School and Workshop on X-rays in Materials, Dakar (Senegal), 23–28 January 2012 (225)


  • Calendar of Forthcoming Meetings (227)
  • Calendar of Short Courses & Workshops Powder Diffraction September 2012 (228)
  • Cumulative Author Index (229)