Powder Diffraction - Vol. 28 Number 1 - March 2013


  • Nicole M. Ernst Boris - For 2013 - Twice the Number of Articles and Four Times the Subscribers (1)


  • Armel Le Bail, Thomas Hansen, and Wilson A. Crichton - Tetrapotassium pyrophosphates γ- and δ-K4P2O7 (2)
  • F. Laufek, A. Vymazalová, D.A. Chareev, A.V. Kristavchuk, J. Drahokoupil, and M.V. Voronin
    Synthesis and crystal structure of (Ag,Pd)22Se6 (13)
  • T. G. Fawcett, C. E. Crowder, S. N. Kabekkodu, F. Needham, J. A. Kaduk, T. N. Blanton, V. Petkov,
    E. Bucher, and R. Shpanchenko - Reference materials for the study of polymorphism and crystallinity in cellulosics (18)
  • Winnie Wong-Ng, and J. Yang - International Centre for Diffraction Data and American Society for Metals database survey of thermoelectric half-Heusler material systems (32)
  • Jeffrey R. Deschamps - Characterization of chitin preparations using powder and film X-ray diffraction methods (44)


  • M. A. Macías, J. A. Henao, Lina María Acosta, and Alirio Palma - Synthesis and X-ray powder diffraction data of 7-fluoro-2-exo-(2-methylpropen-1- yl)-2,3,4,5-tetrahydro-1,4-epoxybenzo[b]azepine (49)


  • Robert Koch - European Powder Diffraction Conference (EPDIC 13) (53)
  • José Miguel Delgado, and Graciela Díaz de Delgado - XXI International Materials Research Conference (IMRC) (55)


  • Gang Wang - Calendar of Forthcoming Meetings Powder Diffraction March 2013 (57)
  • Gang Wang - Calendar of Short Courses & Workshops Powder Diffraction March 2013 (59)