Powder Diffraction – Vol. 28 Issue S2 September 2013


  • Michela Brunelli, Pierre Bordet and Paolo Scardi - Proceedings of the Thirteenth European Powder Diffraction Conference (S1)
  • Kenneth R. Beyerlein - A review of Debye Function Analysis (S2)
  • Ruggero Frison, Antonio Cervellino, Giuseppe Cernuto, Antonietta Guagliardi and Norberto Masciocchi - Testing the Debye Function Approach on a Laboratory X-ray Powder Diffraction
    Equipment. A Critical Study.
  • J. P. Cline, M. Leoni, D. Black, A. Henins, J. E. Bonevich, P. S. Whitfield and P. Scardi - Crystalline domain size and faulting in the new NIST SRM 1979 zinc oxide (S22)
  • C. González-Silgo, C. Guzmán-Afonso, V. M. Sánchez-Fajardo, S. Acosta-Gutiérrez, A. Sánchez-Soares, M. E. Torres, N. Sabalisck, E. Matesanz and J. Rodríguez-Carvajal - Polymorphism in Ho2(MoO4)3 (S33)
  • H.F. Brito, J. Hölsä T. Laamanen, T. Laihinen, M. Lastusaari, L.C.V. Rodrigues, L. Pihlgren and T. Soukka - Rare Earth Distribution in NaRF4: Effect on Up-Conversion Intensity (S41)
  • U. V. Ancharova and S. V. Cherepanova - Domain structure investigation of non-stoichiometric strontium ferrites and cobaltites (S51)
  • N.V. Tarakina, A.P. Tyutyunnik, T.V. Dyachkova, L.L. Surat, B.V. Slobodin and V.G. Zubkov - Crystal structure of RbBaVO4 and high-pressure modification of KCaVO4 (S65)
  • Izabela Jendrzejewska, Paweł Zajdel, Ewa Maciaqzek, Maria Sozanska and Tomasz Goryczka - X-ray powder diffraction and magnetic study of nominal Zn1-xNdxCr2Se4 – compounds (x = 0.05, 01) (S75)
  • A. Hernández-Suárez, C. Guzmán-Afonso, J. López- Solano, C. González-Silgo, M. E. Torres, N. Sabalisck, E. Matesanz and J. Rodríguez- Carvajal - Ferroic phase transition in LaEr(MoO4)3 (S86)
  • Sudipta Goswami, Dipten Bhattacharya, Gail N. Iles, Barnali Ghosh, Anastasiia A. Prytuliak, Benoit Malard, Gopes C. Das, B. Ouladdiaf and T. Chatterji - Anomaly in structural noncentrosymmetry around TN in bulk and nanoscale BiFeO3 (S94)
  • Simona Galli and Norberto Masciocchi - Enclosing the functional properties of pyrazolato-based coordination polymers within a structural frame: the role of laboratory X-ray powder diffraction (S106)
  • V. Sikolenko, V.V. Efimov, D.Többens, S. Schorr, C. Ritter, M.V. Bushinsky and I.O.Troyanchuk - Pressure effects on oxygen-deficient Ba-substituted cobaltites (S126)
  • H. J. Krzto´n, M. Niesler and Z. Kania - The application of the X-ray micro-diffraction to study some industrial problems (S133)
  • Dieter Jehnichen, Peter Friedel, Romy Selinger, Andreas Korwitz, Martin Wengenmayr, Andreas Berndt and Doris Pospiech - Temperature dependant structural changes in thin films of random semifluorinated PMMA copolymers (S144)
  • Z. Matej, L. Matejová, and R. Kužel - XRD analysis of nanocrystalline anatase powders prepared by various chemical routes: correlations between micro-structure and crystal structure parameters (S161)
  • Michael Burgess, Alberto Leonardi, Matteo Leoni and Paolo Scardi - Diffraction line broadening from nanocrystals under large hydrostatic pressures (S184)
  • Hassen Agougui, Abdallah Aissa and Mongi Debbabi - Covalent modification of calcium hydroxy and fluoroapatite surface by grafting alkylphosphonate (S197)
  • G. Berti, F. De Marco and M. E. Del Seppia - Lattice deformation measurements via "on site X-ray diffraction" (S209)
  • Stephanie Ryding, Robert Cernik, Jenny Wooldridge, Tim L Burnett, Mark Stewart, Carlo Vecchini, Markys G. Cain, Alistair Lennie, Fajin Yuan, Chiu Tang and Paul Thompson - Simultaneous measurement of X-ray powder diffraction and ferroelectric polarisation data as a function of applied electric field at a range of frequencies (S220)
  • M. Müller, C. L. Azanza Ricardo, R. Di Maggio and P. Scardi - Growth kinetics of Cu2ZnSnS4 thin films and powders (S228)
  • H. Kohlmann, N. Kurtzemann and T. C. Hansen - Metal hydride formation in palladium and palladium rich intermetallic compounds studied by in situ neutron diffraction (S242)
  • Racha El Osta, Mark Feyand, Norbert Stock, Franck Millange and Richard I. Walton - Crystallisation Kinetics of Metal Organic Frameworks From in situ Time-Resolved X-ray Diffraction (S256)
  • M. Kučeráková, S. Vratislav, L. Kalvoda and M. Machek - Neutron diffraction study of the crystallographic preferential orientation of metagabro mylonite (S276)
  • Marwa Ammar, Walid Oueslati, Hafsia Ben Rhaiem and Abdesslem Ben Haj Amara - XRD profile modeling approach tools to investigate the effect of charge location on hydration behavior in the case of metal exchanged smectite (S284)
  • I. Tomov and S. Vassilev - Nullifying the extinction effect in XRD characterization of fibre textures (S301)
  • Ravinder Singh Joshia and Harpreet Singha - Using X-ray diffraction for studying the effect of modulation and machining parameters on deformation level in brass particulate produced by modulation assisted machining (S315)
  • M.Y. Xie, T.S. Jun, A.M. Korsunsky and M. Drakopoulos - Analysis of Preferred Orientations in Linear Friction Welded (LFW) Aluminium Alloy Specimens using "One-shot" Multi-element Energy Dispersive Synchrotron X-ray Diffraction (S327)
  • A.M.T. Bell, H-P. Liermann, J. Bednarcik and C.M.B. Henderson - Synchrotron X-ray powder diffraction study on synthetic Sr-Fresnoite (S333)
  • J. Kieffer and J.P. Wright - PyFAI: a Python library for high performance azimuthal integration on GPU (S339)
  • P. Mikula, M. Vrána, J. Šaroun, B.S. Seong and W. Woo - Double Bent Crystal Monochromator for High Resolution Neutron Powder Diffraction (S351)
  • F. Fauth, I. Peral, C. Popescu and M. Knapp - The new Material Science Powder Diffraction beamline at ALBA Synchrotron (S360)
  • H. Palancher, A. Bonnin, C.V. Colin, V. Nassif, V. Honkimäki , R. Jungwirth, C., Ritter, G. Champion and Y. Calzavara - UMo/Al nuclear fuel plate behavior under thermal treatment (425-550°C) (S371)
  • Abderrahim Aatiq and My Rachid Tigha - Structural and spectroscopic study of NaSbR(PO4)3 (R = Cr, Fe, In) phases (S394)
  • Sonia Jebri, Habib Boughzala, Ali Bechrifa and Mohamed Jemal - Rietveld structural refinement of «A» type phosphostrontium carbonate hydroxyapatites (S409)
  • B. Peplinski, C. Adam, B. Adamczyk, R. Müller, R. Schadrack, M. Michaelis, F. Emmerling, H. Reuther, M. Menzel - Evidence of formation of the tridymite form of AlPO4 in some municipal sewage sludge ashes (S425)
  • Nikolaos Baimpas, Mengyin Xie, Christina Reinhard and Alexander M. Korsunsky - The application of geometry corrections for Diffraction Strain Tomography (DST) analysis of a Ni-base superalloy blade (S436)
  • S. T. B. Salvi, S. G. Antonio and C. O. Paiva-Santos - Atenolol characterization in solid formulations available in Brazilian market (S448)
  • Kenny Ståhl, Christian G. Frankær, Jakob Petersen, and Pernille Harris - Monitoring protein precipitates by in-house X-ray powder diffraction (S458)
  • Anna Portell, Xavier Alcobé, Max Latévi, Radovan Cerný and Rafel Prohens - Crystal structure solution of an elusive polymorph of Dibenzylsquaramide (S470)
  • Oriol Vallcorba, Anna Crespi, Jordi Rius and Carles Miravitlles - Use of TALP with laboratory powder diffraction data from 2D detectors (S481)
  • Fanny N. Costa, Fabio Furlan Ferreira, Tiago F. da Silva, Eliezer J. Barreiro, Lídia M. Lima, Delson Braz and Regina C. Barroso - Structure Re-determination of LASSBio-294 – a cardioactive compound of the Nacylhydrazone class – using X-ray powder diffraction data (S491)
  • N.V. Tarakina, A.P. Tyutyunnik, Ya.V. Baklanova, L.G. Maksimova, T.A. Denisova and R.B. Neder -
    Crystal structure of a new HfO(OH)2 oxyhydroxide (S510)