Powder Diffraction - Vol. 28 Supplement Issue- September 2013


  • X.L. Chen - The 11th Chinese National Conference on X-ray Diffraction and ICDD Workshop (S1)
  • Ting C. Huang - Supplement issue for selected papers from the 2012 Chinese National Conference on X-ray Diffraction (S2)


  • S.L. Wang, W.L. Li, G.F. Wang, D.Y. Dong, J.J. Shi, X.Y. Li, P.G. Li and W.H. Tang - Crystal structure and electrical transport property of KMF3 (M= Mn, Co, and Ni) (S3)
  • Y. Zhang, Y.H. An, Y. Xing, D.Y. Dong, S.L. Wang, J.Q. Shen, P.G. Li and W.H. Tang - Preparation and characterization of La1.8Sr0.2CuO4/La1.9Sr0.1CuO4 superconducting bilayers (S7)
  • Z. Liu, W. Li, D. Xu, W.-D. Fei and P.P. Jin - Effects of a magnetic field applied during electroplating on the texture and magnetic properties of Ni nanowire arrays (S12)
  • J.Q. Li, Z.P. Zhang, R.M. Luo, W.Q. Ao and F.S. Liu - Solvothermal synthesis of nano-sized skutterudite Co1−xNixSb3 powders (S17)
  • F.S. Liu, Q.B. Wang, S.P. Li, W.Q. Ao and J.Q. Li - Effect of Co substitution on the martensitic transformation and magnetocaloric properties of Ni50Mn35−xCoxSn15 (S22)
  • L. Fu, Y.Q. Guo and S. Zheng - X-ray diffraction studies on the effect of ball-milling speed on the structure of Cu(In,Ga)Se2 nanoparticles (S28)
  • S. Li, S.F. Jin, J. Ji, Z.N. Guo and W.X. Yuan - Investigation on solid solubility and magnetism of the non-stoichiometric compound Fe3Se4 (S32)
  • M. Zhang, Z.J. Li and A.L. Meng - Study of temperature-dependent crystalline state evolution of
    β-SiC nanorods by X-ray diffraction
  • Ming He, Z.H. Zhang, Y. Z. Zhu, Y.G. Tang and Z. Song - Luminescent properties of Eu3+-doped SmBa3B9O18 (S41)
  • A.M. Zhang, G.T. Zhou, J. Sun, T. Xu, L.L. Guo and X.S. Wu - Effect of Dy-doping on the microstructure and magnetic properties of Y1−xDyxMnO3 (S45)