Powder Diffraction - Vol. 28 Number 3 - September 2013


  • Toru Asaka, Tatsunari Kudo, Hiroki Banno, Shiro Funahashi, Naoto Hirosaki and Koichiro Fukuda - Electron density distribution and crystal structure of 21R-AlON, Al7O3N5 (171)
  • Tomohiro Uchida, Shiho Suehiro, Toru Asaka, Hiromi Nakano and Koichiro Fukuda - Syntheses and crystal structures of Li(Ta0.89Ti0.11)O2.945 and (Li0.977Eu0.023) (Ta0.89Ti0.11)O2.968 (178)
  • Koichi Momma, Takuji Ikeda, Alexei A. Belik and Fujio Izumi - Dysnomia, a computer program for maximum-entropy method (MEM) analysis and its performance in the MEM-based pattern fitting (184)
  • James A. Kaduk and Thomas N. Blanton - An improved structural model for cellulose II (194)
  • N. Masciocchi, A. Aulisio, G. Bertolini, M. Sada, F. Garis and L. Malpezzi - Disclosing the extensive crystal chemistry of Ivabradine hydrochloride, in its pure and solvated phases (200)
  • Piotr Putaj, Bartłomiej Gaweł and Wiesław Łasocha - Ethylenediamine as a bridging ligand: structure solution of two cadmium(II)-based coordination polymers from powder diffraction data
  • W. Wong-Ng, G. Liu, Y.G. Yan and J.A. Kaduk - Structure and X-ray reference diffraction patterns of (Ba6−xSrx)R2Co4O15 (x = 1, 2) (R = lanthanides) (212)
  • R. Casella, S. Boudreau, James A. Wesley and Robert D'Aloise - Quantitative measurement of crystalline impurity in a pharmaceutical tablet by X-ray powder diffraction and method validation (222)


  • Li Li Zhang, Qing Qing Pan, Dan Xiao, Xiao Qing Wu, Qing Wang and Hui Li - X-ray powder diffraction data for deoxyschisandrin (231)
  • Qing Wang, Li Li Zhang, Xiao Qing Wu, Qing Qing Pan, Yan Hong Su and Hui Li - X-ray powder diffraction data for inclusion complex of β-cyclodextrin with fraxinellone (234)
  • R. Pažout, J. Maixner, J. Přech and P. Kačer - X-ray powder diffraction data for [Ru(II) Cl η -6-p-cymene (1R,2R)-N-[((1R,2R)-7,7- dimethyl-2-hydroxy-bicyclo-[2.2.1]- heptan-1-yl)-methansulphonyl]-1,2-diphenylethylene- 1,2-diamine] complex (237)


  • Lan Li - 245th American Chemical Society Meeting and Exposition (ACS Spring 2013) (240)
  • Dirk Carl Meyer and Claudia Baldauf - 21st Annual Conference of the German Crystallographic Society (242)


  • Gang Wang - Calendar of Short Courses & Workshops Powder Diffraction September 2013 (244)
  • Gang Wang - Calendar of Forthcoming Meetings Powder Diffraction September 2013 (245)