Powder Diffraction - Vol. 29 Number 2 - June 2014


  • Tom Blanton - A new Editor-in-Chief for Powder Diffraction journal (95)
    Tom Blanton and George Havrilla - Sixty-second Denver X-ray Conference and selected papers for the special June Powder Diffraction issue (96)


  • Mark A. Rodriguez, Nelson S. Bell, James J. M. Griego, Cynthia V. Edney, and Paul G. Clem - In-situ monitoring of vanadium dioxide formation using high-temperature XRD (97)
  • Stacy D. Gates, Thomas N. Blanton, and Timothy G. Fawcett - A new "chain" of events: polymers in the Powder Diffraction File™ (PDF® ) (102)
  • T. N. Blanton, J. A. Kaduk, and Q. Johnson - X-ray diffraction characterization of a distorted Debye–Scherrer film strip – the effect of deacetylation on cellulose triacetate and an improved structural model for cellulose II (108)
  • Bob B. He - Materials characterization from diffraction intensity distribution in the γ-direction (113)
  • H. Vogt, A. Last, J. Mohr, F. Marschall, K.-U. Mettendorf, R. Eisenhower, and M. Simon - Low-cost Rolled X-ray Prism Lenses to increase photon flux density in diffractometry experiments (118)
  • Sudheer Bandla, Masoud Allahkarami, and Jay C. Hanan - Out-of-plane orientation and crystallinity of biaxially stretched polyethylene terephthalate (123)
  • Michael Mantler - The electronic age: energy-dispersive X-ray analysis and other modern techniques to the present and beyond (127)
  • A. Haase, M. Klatt, A. Schafmeister, R. Stabenow, and B. Ortner - The generalized sin2ψ method: An advanced solution for X-ray stress analysis in textured materials (133)
  • Takao Moriyama, Atsushi Morikawa, Makoto Doi, and Scott Fess - Aerosol filter analysis using polarized optics EDXRF with thin-film FP method (137)
  • H. Pöllmann and R. Kaden - X-ray investigations of solid solutions of monocalcium aluminate and monostrontium aluminate important phases in cement and phosphorescence materials (141)
  • Huifang Xu, Chenxiang Li, Duanwei He, and Yingbing Jinag - Stability and structure changes of Na-titanate nanotubes at high temperature and high pressure (147)
  • Koji Akioka, Takashi Nakazawa, Takashi Doi, Masahiro Arai, and Kouichi Tsuji - Underfilm corrosion of steel sheets observed by confocal 3D-XRF technique (151)
  • Martina Schmeling, Bruce I. Gaynes, and Susanne Tidow-Kebritchi - Heavy metal analysis in lens and aqueous humor of cataract patients by total reflection X-ray fluorescence spectrometry (155)
  • Waleed Amin Abuhani, Nabanita Dasgupta-Schubert, and Luis Manuel Villaseñor Cendejas - Characterizing fundamental parameter-based analysis for soil–ceramic matrices in polarized energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence (PEDXRF) spectrometry (159)
  • Mathieu Bouchard, Alex Milliard, Sebastien Rivard, and Sharon Ness - ISO 9516-1 simplified borate fusion/WDXRF analytical method for iron ore including total iron analysis: Part 2 (170)
  • Masoud Allahkarami, and Jay C. Hanan - Residual stress and quantitative phase mapping on complex geometries (176)


  • L.R. Morantes, C.F. Medina, J.A. Henao, V.V. Kouznetsov, and H.A. Camargo - Synthesis and X-ray diffraction data of 1-N-(3-pyridylmethyl)aminonaphthalene hydrochloride (186)
  • Zhi Jian He, Guo Fei Qian, Li Li Zhang, Hui Li, and Shun Yao - X-ray powder diffraction data for [C6Trop]+[PF6], C14H27NOPF6 (190)
  • Di Wu, Shan Shan Li, Kai Lin Xu, Li Li Zhang, Xiao Qing Wu, and Hui Li - X-ray powder diffraction data for loratadine (C22H23ClN202) (193)
  • Xiao Qing Wu, Pei Xiao Tang, Shan Shan Li, Li Li Zhang, and Hui Li - X-ray powder diffraction data for meloxicam, C14H13N3O4S2 (196)


  • J.A. Kaduk, C.E. Crowder, K. Zhong, T.G. Fawcett, and M.R. Suchomel - Powder X-ray diffraction of vancomycin hydrochloride, C66H76Cl3N9O24 (199)
  • J.A. Kaduk, C.E. Crowder, K. Zhong, T.G. Fawcett, and M.R. Suchomel - Powder X-ray diffraction of risedronate sodium hemipentahydrate, C7H10NNaO7P2(H2O)2.5 (200)
  • J.A. Kaduk, C.E. Crowder, K. Zhong, T.G. Fawcett, and M.R. Suchomel - Powder X-ray diffraction of ibandronate sodium monohydrate, C9H22NNaO7P2(H2O) (201)
  • J.A. Kaduk, C.E. Crowder, K. Zhong, T.G. Fawcett, and M.R. Suchomel - Powder X-ray diffraction of albuterol sulfate (C13H22NO3)2SO4 (202)


  • Eileen Jennings - ICDD Annual Spring Meetings (203)
  • José Miguel Delgado - First Latin American Crystallography Meeting, held in Córdoba, Argentina (214)


  • Gang Wang - Calendar of Forthcoming Meetings (216)
  • Gang Wang - Calendar of Short Courses & Workshops (218)