Powder Diffraction - Vol. 29 Number S1 - December 2014


  • Vanessa K. Peterson and Nathan A.S. Webster - Proceedings of the 2014 Australian X-ray Analytical Association Workshops, Conference, and Exhibition (S1)


  • Pamela S. Whitfield - Diffraction studies from minerals to organics: lessons learned from materials analyses (S2)
  • Damian B. Gore, Mark P. Taylor, R. Gary Pritchard and Kirstie A. Fryirs - On-site teaching with XRF and XRD: training the next generation of analytical X-ray professionals (S8)
  • Thomas A. Whittle and Siegbert Schmid - Structural investigation of tungsten bronze-type relaxor ferroelectrics in the BaxSr3−xTiNb4O15 system (S15)
  • Nobuo Ishizawa - Calcite V: a hundred-year-old mystery has been solved (S19)
  • A.M. Paradowska, N. Larkin, H. Li, Z. Pan, C. Shen and M. Law - Neutron diffraction residual stress measurements of welds made with pulsed tandem gas metal arc welding (PT-GMAW) (S24)
  • Sarah J. Kelloway, Colin R. Ward, Christopher E. Marjo, Irene E.Wainwright and David R. Cohen - Calibration for ED-XRF profiling of coal cores for the Itrax Core Scanner (S28)
  • Moshiul Alam, Tracey Hanley, Wei Kong Pang, Vanessa K. Peterson and Neeraj Sharma - Comparison of the so-called CGR and NCR cathodes in commercial lithium-ion batteries using in situ neutron powder diffraction (S35)
  • Damian B. Gore and Ian Snape - 50 kGy of gamma irradiation does not affect the leachability of mineral soils and sediments (S40)
  • Marco Sommariva, Milen Gateshki, Jan-André Gertenbach, Joerg Bolze, Uwe König, Bogdan Stefan Vasile and Vasile-Adrian Surdu - Characterizing nanoparticles with a laboratory diffractometer: from small-angle to total X-ray scattering (S47)
  • Nathan A. S. Webster, Mark I. Pownceby, Ian C. Madsen, Andrew J. Studer and Justin A. Kimpton - In situ diffraction studies of iron ore sinter bonding phase formation: QPA considerations and pushing the limits of laboratory data collection (S54)
  • Wei Kong Pang, Vanessa K. Peterson, Neeraj Sharma, Je-Jang Shiu and She-huang Wu - Structure of the Li4Ti5O12 anode during charge-discharge cycling (S59)
  • Markus Gräfe, Craig Klauber, Bee Gan and Ryan V. Tappero - Synchrotron X-ray microdiffraction (μXRD) in minerals and environmental research (S64)
  • Nathan A. S. Webster, Chris D. Ling and Frank J. Lincoln - Structure–property relationships in fluorite-type Bi2O3–Yb2O3–PbO solid-electrolyte materials (S73)
  • Uwe König, Thomas Degen and Nicholas Norberg - PLSR as a new XRD method for downstream processing of ores: – case study: Fe2+ determination in iron ore sinter (S78)
  • Anita M. D'Angelo, Nathan A. S. Webster and Alan L. Chaffee - Characterisation of the phase-transformation behaviour of Ce2O(CO3)2· H2O clusters synthesised from Ce(NO3)3· 6H2O and urea (S84)
  • Jian Li, Robbie G. McDonald, Anna H. Kaksonen, Christina Morris, Suzy Rea, Kayley M. Usher, Jason Wylie, Felipe Hilario and Chris A. du Plessis - Applications of Rietveld-based QXRD analysis in mineral processing (S89)
  • Stephen H. Ogilvie, Samuel G. Duyker, Peter D. Southon, Vanessa K. Peterson and Cameron J. Kepert - Host–guest adsorption behavior of deuterated methane and molecular oxygen in a porous rare-earth metal–organic framework (S96)
  • Joel N. O'Dwyer, James R. Tickner and Greg J. Roach - Predicting the accuracy of mineral phase analysis by X-ray diffraction using Monte Carlo modelling (S102)