Powder Diffraction - Vol. 29 Number S2 - December 2014

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  • Brian H. Toby - Computer Software, Powder Diffraction, and Science (S1)


  • Brian H. Toby and Robert B. Von Dreele - What's new in GSAS-II (S2)
  • Daniel Louër and Ali Boultif - Some further considerations in powder diffraction pattern indexing with the dichotomy method (S7)
  • Thomas Degen, Mustapha Sadki, Egbert Bron, Uwe König and Gwilherm Nénert - The HighScore suite (S13)
  • Jason C. Cole, Elena A. Kabova and Kenneth Shankland - Utilizing organic and organometallic structural data in powder diffraction (S19)
  • Diane E. Sagnella and Emily Foster - Genie: new software for rapid submission of powder diffraction data to the ICDD powder diffraction file™ (S31)
  • Z. Matej, A. Kadlecová, M. Janecek, L. Matejová, M. Dopita and R. Kužel - Refining bimodal microstructure of materials with MSTRUCT (S35)
  • Werner Kaminsky, Trevor Snyder, Jennifer Stone-Sundberg and Peter Moeck - One-click preparation of 3D print files (*.stl, *.wrl) from *.cif (crystallographic information framework) data using Cif2VRML (S42)


  • Vidya M. Ayer, Sheila Miguez and Brian H. Toby - Why scientists should learn to program in Python (S48)