Powder Diffraction - Vol. 30 Number 1 - March 2015



  • Nicole Ernst Boris - Managing Editor, Powder Diffraction - Recent changes to the Author Notes for Powder Diffraction(1)


  • W. Wong-Ng, J. A. Kaduk, D. L. Siderius, A. L. Allen, L. Espinal, B.M. Boyerinas, I. Levin, M. R. Suchomel, J. Ilavsky, L. Li, I. Williamson, E. Cockayne and H. Wu - Reference diffraction patterns, microstructure, and pore-size distribution for the copper (II) benzene-1,3,5-tricarboxylate metal organic framework (Cu-BTC) compounds (2)
  • M. Mojtahedi, M. Goodarzi, M. R. Aboutalebi and V. Soleimanian - An investigation on the microstructure and defects in the mechanically milled Cu and Fe powders (14)
  • Ana Cuesta, Gema Álvarez- Pinazo, Marta García-Maté, Isabel Santacruz, Miguel A. G. Aranda, Ángeles G. De la Torre and Laura León- Reina - Rietveld quantitative phase analysis with molybdenum radiation (25)
  • Ying Liu, Susumu Imashuku and Jun Kawai - Low-power total reflection X-ray fluorescence spectrometer using diffractometer guide rail (36)
  • Yoshinori Yonezaki - (Ba, Sr)3MgSi2O8 structure change caused by Ba/Sr replacement (40)
  • James A. Kaduk, Cyrus E. Crowder and Kai Zhong - Crystal structure of folic acid dihydrate, C29H29N2O6(H2O)2 (52)
  • Mark A. Rodriguez, James J. M. Griego, Harlan J. Brown- Shaklee, Mia A. Blea-Kirby, John F. Ihlefeld and Erik D. Spoerke - X-ray powder diffraction study of La2LiTaO6 (57)


  • Chao Zeng, Guoqiang Lin, Weijing Zeng and Wei He - Crystal structure and powder X-ray diffraction data for new Tb3CuAl3Ge2 compound (63)
  • Joel W. Reid, James A. Kaduk, Subrahmanyam V. Garimella and John S. Tse - Rietveld refinement using synchrotron powder diffraction data for curcumin, C21H20O6, and comparison with density functional theory (67)
  • Di Wu, Pei Xiao Tang, Shan Shan Li, Hao Zhong Luo and Hui Li - X-ray powder diffraction data for gemcitabine, C9H11F2N3O4 (76)
  • Gerzon E. Delgado, Lis E. Fernández, Angelina C. Coronel and Eduardo - L. Varetti - X-ray powder diffraction data for methylene bis(thiocyanate) CH2(SCN)2, a microbicide for water-treatment purposes (79)


  • Stephanie Jennings 2014 Denver X-ray Conference – Student Reflection (82)


  • Gang Wang Calendar of Forthcoming Meetings Powder Diffraction March 2015 (85)
  • Gang Wang Calendar of Short Courses and Workshops Powder Diffraction March 2015 (87)