Powder Diffraction - Vol. 30 Number 2 - June 2015



  • Camden Hubbard - Excited to be Editor-in-Chief for Powder Diffraction (89)
  • Tom Blanton - Proceedings for the 14th European Powder Diffraction Conference published online as a 2015 Special Supplement Issue of Powder Diffraction Journal (90)
  • Tom Blanton and Lora Brehm - Sixty-third Denver X-ray Conference and selected Advances in X-ray Analysis papers for the June Powder Diffraction issue (92)


  • J. Prost, P. Wobrauschek and C. Streli - Comparison of different excitation modes for the analysis of light elements with a TXRF vacuum chamber (93)
  • Conal E. Murray, Jean L. Jordan-Sweet, Stephen W. Bedell and E. Todd Ryan - Stress determination through diffraction: establishing the link between Kröner and Voigt/Reuss limits (99)
  • Karsten Kunze - Crystal orientation measurements using SEM–EBSD under unconventional
  • Kouichi Tsuji, Atsushi Tabe, Peter Wobrauscheck and Christina Streli - Secondary excitation process for quantitative confocal 3D-XRF analysis (109)
  • Minoru Inoue, Yasujiro Yamada, Mao Kitamura, Norifumi Gotoh, Naoki Kawahara and Michael Mantler - A new methodical approach based on Compton scattering and XRF: quantitative analysis of CO2 and loss on ignition in quicklime (113)
  • Z. N. Guo, B. L. Han, P. Li, H. H. Zhang and W. X. Yuan - Solid solubility and superconductivity of FeyTe1−xXx (X = Se, S) (117)
  • Giovanni Cavallo, Maria Pia Riccardi and Roberto Zorzin - Powder diffraction of yellow and red natural earths from Lessini Mountains in NE Italy (122)
  • A. Le Bail and L'. Smrcok - Face-sharing octahedra in Cs3Al2F9 and Cs2AlF5 (130)
  • W. Wong-Ng, G. Liu, Y. Yan, K. R. Talley and J. A. Kaduk - X-ray powder diffraction studies of (BaxSr1−x)2Co2Fe12O22 and (BaxSr1−x)Co2Fe16O27 (139)
  • A. Dominic Fortes - X-ray powder diffraction analysis of two new magnesium selenate hydrates, MgSeO4·9H2O and MgSeO4·11H2O (149)
  • James A. Kaduk, Kai Zhong, Thomas N. Blanton and Stacy Gates - Crystal structure of levalbuterol hydrochloride polymorph A (Xopenex), C13H22NO3Cl (158)
  • D. Y. Leshok, N. N. Golovnev and S. D. Kirik- Cystamindi-ium tetrachlorocuprate [NH3(CH2)2SS(CH2)2NH3][CuCl4]: synthesis, crystal structure, and thermal decomposition (163)
  • James A. Kaduk, Kai Zhong and Thomas N. Blanton - Crystal structure of rilpivirine, C22H18N6 (170)


  • XiaoLi Ma, PeiXiao Tang, Jin Yan, XiaoQing Wu, Qiang Chen and Hui Li - X-ray powder diffraction data for beta-methyl vinyl phosphate (C29H27N2O10P) (175)
  • Gerzon E. Delgado, Asiloé J. Mora, Jines E. Contreras and Cecilia Chacón - X-ray powder diffraction data for 1-methylhydantoin, an antiasthmatic and antidepressive hydantoin compound (178)
  • R. Pažout, J. Maixner and V. Bartunek - X-ray powder diffraction data for lanthanum trilactate trihydrate (182)
  • Jing Wang, Di Wu, Shan Shan Li, Pei Xiao Tang, Li Li Wang and Hui Li - X-ray powder diffraction data for calcium(II)–naproxen complex (C28H26CaO6·2H2O) (185)


  • Gang Wang Calendar of Forthcoming Meetings Powder Diffraction June 2015 (188)
    Gang Wang Calendar of Short Courses & Workshops Powder Diffraction June 2015 (190)