Powder Diffraction - Vol. 30 No. 2 Supp. 1- June 2015



  • Michela Brunelli, Paolo Scardi and Jens-Erik Jørgensen - Proceedings of the 14th European Powder Diffraction Conference (S1)


  • Andrea Bernasconi, Jonathan Wright and Nicholas Harker - Total scattering experiments on glass and crystalline materials at the ESRF on the ID11 Beamline (S2)
  • Dmytro Korablov, Thomas K. Nielsen, Flemming Besenbacher and Torben R. Jensen - Mechanism and kinetics of early transition metal hydrides, oxides, and chlorides to enhance hydrogen release and uptake properties of MgH2 (S9)
  • Dieter Jehnichen, Doris Pospiech, Peter Friedel, Guping He, Alessandro Sepe, Jianqi Zhang, Christine M. Papadakis, Rosa Taurino and Jan Perlich - Thin-film morphologies of block copolymers with nanoparticles (S16)
  • Kenneth R. Beyerlein, Christian Jooss, Anton Barty, Richard Bean, Sébastien Boutet, Sarnjeet S. Dhesi, R. Bruce Doak, Michael Först, Lorenzo Galli, Richard A. Kirian, Joseph Kozak, Michael Lang, Roman Mankowsky, Marc Messerschmidt, John C. H. Spence, Dingjie Wang, Uwe Weierstall, Thomas A. White, Garth J. Williams, Oleksandr Yefanov, Nadia A. Zatsepin, Andrea Cavalleri and Henry N. Chapman - Trace phase detection and strain characterization from serial X-ray free-electron laser crystallography of a Pr0.5a0.5MnO3 powder (S25)
  • B. Peplinski, C. Adam, B. Adamczyk, R. Müller, M. Michaelis, T. Krahl and F. Emmerling - Nanocrystalline and stacking-disordered β-cristobalite AlPO4: the now deciphered main constituent of a municipal sewage sludge ash from a full-scale incineration facility (S31)
  • Dubravka Šišak Jung, Tomica Hrenar, Ozren Jović, Petra Kalinovicićand Ines Primožic - Using synergy of experimental and computational techniques to solve monomer– trimer dilemma (S36)
  • P. Mikula and M. Vrána - New type of versatile neutron diffractometer with a double-crystal monochromator system (S41)
  • Andrea Troian, Luca Rebuffi, Matteo Leoni and Paolo Scardi - Toward a reference material for line profile analysis (S47)
  • M. Kuceráková, S. Vratislav, L. Kalvoda and Z. Trojanová - Analysis of preferential orientation in zirconium samples deformed by uniaxial tension using neutron and X-ray diffraction (S52)
  • Luca Rebuffi, Paolo Scardi and Manuel Sanchez del Rio - Design and management of a powder diffraction beamline for Line Profile Analysis: a realistic ray-tracing approach (S56)
  • Giorgia Confalonieri, Monica Dapiaggi, Marco Sommariva, Milen Gateshki, Andy N. Fitch and Andrea Bernasconi - Comparison of total scattering data from various sources: the case of a nanometric spinel (S65)
  • Marwa Ammar, Walid Oueslati, Nejmeddine Chorfi and Abdesslem Ben Haj Amara - The water retention mechanism of a Cs+ and Na+ exchanged montmorillonite: effect of relative humidity and ionic radius on the interlayer (S70)
  • Efthymios Polatidis, Nikolay Zotov and Eric J. Mittemeijer - Stress-induced phase transformations in thermally cycled superelastic NiTi alloys: in situ X-ray diffraction studies (S76)
  • Zdenek Pala, Jaroslava Fojtikova, Tomas Koubsky, Radek Musalek, Josef Strasky, Jiri Capek, Jiri Kyncl, Libor Beranek and Kamil Kolarik - Study of residual stresses, microstructure, and hardness in FeB and Fe2B ultra-hard layers (S83)
  • C. Schimpf, M. Schwarz, C. Lathe, E. Kroke and D. Rafaja - Corrugations of the basal planes in hexagonal boron nitride and their impact on the phase transition to cubic boron nitride (S90)
  • I. O. Troyanchuk, M. V. Bushinsky, V. Efimov, S. Schorr, C. Ritter and V. Sikolenko - Ferromagnetic ordering in La0.7Sr0.3Mn3+ 0.85Nb5+ 0.15O3 manganite (S97)
  • Dina Deyneko, Sergey Stefanovich and Bogdan Lazoryak - Crystal structure of new phosphates Ca9-xPbxEu(PO4)7 from Rietveld refinement (S101)
  • Jacek Podwórny - Temperature dependence of the inversion degree in three-cation spinel solid
    solutions: experimental evaluation by XRD
  • Kristian Ufer, Reinhard Kleeberg and Thomas Monecke - Quantification of stacking disordered Si–Al layer silicates by the Rietveld method: application to exploration for high-sulphidation epithermal gold deposits (S111)
  • Stefano Checchia, Marco Scavini, Mattia Allieta, Michela Brunelli, Claudio Ferrero and Mauro Coduri - Size and spatial correlation of defective domains in yttrium-doped CeO2 (S119)
  • Simone T. B. de Salvi, Diego Luiz Tita, Carlos de O. Paiva- Santos and Selma G. Antonio - Characterization of hydrochlorothiazide in solid formulations (S127)


  • Powder Diffraction Volume 28 / Supplement 2 / September 2013– ERRATUM (S131)