Powder Diffraction - Vol. 31 Number 1 - March 2016



  • Camden Hubbard - Major Anniversaries in 2016 (1)


  • Mei Zhao, Lifeng Dong, Qian Zhang, Hongzhou Dong, Chengdong Li and Hongyan Tang - Novel plate-stratiform nanostructured Bi12O17Cl2 with visible-light photocatalytic performance (2)
  • Ryosuke S. S. Maki, Peter E. D. Morgan and Yoshikazu Suzuki - X-ray powder diffraction characterization of the large-volume unit cell of the M8 murataite polytype (8)
  • H. Wang, M. J. Kirkham, T. R. Watkins, E. A. Payzant, J. R. Salvador, A. J. Thompson, J. Sharp, D. Brown and D. Miller - Neutron and X-ray powder diffraction study of skutterudite thermoelectrics (16)
  • A. Pentón-Madrigal, Y. Mendez-González, A. Peláiz-Barranco, F. Calderón-Piñar, L. A. S. de Oliveira, J. Belhadi and Y. Gagou - Study of A and B sites order in lanthanide-doped lead titanate ferroelectric system (23)
  • Margarit M. Nistor, Nicolae Har, Simona Marchetti Dori, Simona Bigi and Alessandro F. Gualtieri - Progress in mineralogical quantitative analysis of rock samples: application to quartzites from Denali National Park, Alaska Range (USA) (31)
  • Changlin Yang, Guanghua Wen, Ping Tang, Chaochao Xi and Qihao Sun - Quantification of crystalline fraction of solid slag film using X-ray powder diffraction (40)


  • YuanZhi Li, PeiXiao Tang, KaiLin Xu, ShanShan Li, LiuQi Guo and Hui Li - X-ray powder diffraction data for tectoridin, C22H22O11 (52)
  • R. Pažout, J. Maixner, J. Svoboda and P. Kačer - X-ray powder diffraction data for [amminedichloro(3,5-dimethyl-tricyclo[,7] decan-1-amine)-platinum (II) complex (55)
  • Martin Etter, Maximilian J. Krautloher, Nakheon Sung, Joel Bertinshaw, Bumjoon Kim and Robert E. Dinnebier - Crystal structure determination of non-stoichiometric Ca4−xRuO6−x (x = 1.17) from X-ray powder diffraction data (59)
  • Qing Wang, Qiao Mei Sun, Shan Shan Li, Liu Qi Guo and Hui Li - X-ray powder diffraction data for drospirenone, C24H30O3 (63)
  • H. A. Camargo, J. A. Henao and N. J. Castellanos - Synthesis and X-ray diffraction data for dibromo-dioxo-(1,10-phenanthroline-N,N′)- molybdenum(VI) (C12H8N2MoBr2O2) (66)


  • Mark A. Rodriguez, Philippe E. Weck, Joshua D. Sugar and Thomas J. Kulp - Powder X-ray diffraction of Metastudtite, (UO2)O2(H2O)2 (71)


  • Xiaochun Chen, Peixiao Tang, Shanshan Li, Kailin Xu and Hui Li - X-ray powder diffraction data for olmesartan medoxomil, C29H30N6O6 (73)
  • G. Murugesan, R. Nithya and S. Kalainathan - Rietveld refinement of X-ray powder diffraction data of Sm0.55Sr0.45MnO3 polycrystalline material (77)
  • Hong Qin Yang, Qing Wang, Pei Xiao Tang, Bin Tang, Ya Ping Li and Hui Li - X-ray powder diffraction data for thiamphenicol, C12H15Cl2NO5S (80)


  • Helen McDonnell - 2015 American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (83)
  • Andrew Allen - Report on 16th International Conference on Small-Angle Scattering (SAS 2015) Berlin, Germany, September 13–18, 2015 (84)


  • Gang Wang - Calendar of Forthcoming Meetings (85)
  • Gang Wang - Calendar of Short Courses & Workshops (87)