Powder Diffraction - Vol. 5 Number 1 - March 1990

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  • B. H. Toby, R. L. Harlow, and M. A. Holomany - The POWDER SUITE: Computer Programs for Searching and Accessing the JCPDS-ICDD Powder Diffraction Database (2)
  • D. P. Matheis and R. L. Snyder - The Crystal Structures and Powder Diffraction Patterns of the Bismuth and Thallium Ruddlesden-Popper Oxide Semiconductors (8)
  • W. Wong-Ng et al. - Crystal Chemistry and Phase Equilibria Studies of the BaO(BaCO3)-l/2R2O3-CuO Systems III: X-ray Powder Characterization and Diffraction Patterns of the Ba3R3Cu6O14+x, R = Lanthanides (26)
  • M. Kato et al. - Identification and Quantification of Unknown Component Phases in Powder Samples by X-ray Diffractometry (33)
  • M. E. Bowden and C. M. Cardile - Structures of Orthorhombic and Cubic Dicadmium Stannate by Rietveld Refinement (36)
  • A. Ratuszna and K Majewska - Studies of Distortion in Potassium Manganese Fluoride, KMnF3, at 10K: an Example of Powder Profile Analysis Using the Pearson Type VII Distribution (41)
  • D. L. Wertz - Mass Absorption Corrected X-ray Powder Diffractograms. Part 1: Measuring Pyrite in Powdered Coals (44)
  • C. Caranoni, M. J. P. Reboul, and M. C. Soula - Préparation, Identification et Radiocristallographie d'un Hétérocycle Cétonique à Intérêt Médicinal: l'Isopropyl-3, phényl-2, diaza-1,3, one-5 bicyclo [3,3,0] octène-1 (48)
  • N. Masciocchi and W. Parrish - New Crystal Data for High Temperature Hexagonal Silver Sulfate (50)
  • International Report (53)
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  • Meeting Reports (54)
  • Short Courses and Workshops (55)
  • Book Review (56)
  • ICDD Announcement (56)
  • Computer Comments (57)
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