Powder Diffraction - Vol. 5 Number 2 - June 1990

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  • B. Post and W. F. McClune - Indexing Powder Patterns from Relative Axial Dimensions (61)
  • B. Jordan, B. H. O'Connor, and Li Deyu - Use of Rietveld Pattern Fitting to Determine the Weight Fraction of Crystalline Material in Natural Low Quartz Specimens (64)
  • R. Jenkins and R. N. Rose - Don Hanawalt - Early Days and His Contribution to Qualitative Powder Diffractometry (70)
  • B. L. Davis, R. Kath, and M. Spilde - The Reference Intensity Ratio: Its Measurement and Significance (76)
  • Li Deyu et al. - Use of X-ray Powder Diffraction Rietveld Pattern-Fitting for Characterising Preferred Orientation Gibbsites (79)
  • P. Bayliss - The Efficiency of the Numerical Search Manual with Respect to the Number of Entries per Phase (86)
  • N. E. Johnson et al. - X-ray and Optical Data for a Rare Earth-Poor Eudialyte from the North- Central Alaska Range (89)
  • R. D. Heyding et al. - The Normal Paraffins Revisited (93)
  • S. Battaglia, M. Franzini, and L. Leoni - Influence of Grinding Methods on the 101 X-ray Powder Diffraction Line of alpha-Quartz (101)
  • D. Louër, E. Deneuve, and F. Ecochard - Indexing of the Powder Diffraction Pattern of Yttrium Oxalate Dihydrate (104)
  • P. Bénard and D. Louër - Powder Diffraction Data for Two Bivalent Metal Hydroxide Nitrates Cd5(OH)8(NO3)2 · 2H2O and Zn5(OH)8(NO3)2 · 2NH3 (106)
  • D. F. Rendle - X-ray Powder Diffraction for Di-(1-phenylisopropyl)formamide (109)
  • International Report (111)
  • Calendar of Meetings (111)
  • Correspondents' Reports (113)
  • Short Courses and Workshops (115)
  • Computer Comments (116)