Powder Diffraction - Vol. 5 Number 4 - December 1990

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  • S. D. Kirik, S. A. Kovyazin, and A. M. Fedotov - Automatic Structure-Sensitive Searching in X-ray Powder Diffraction (181)
  • G. Berti and P. Palamidese - Analysis of the CuKbeta X-ray Diffraction Pattern of YAG (Yttrium Aluminium Garnet) by Numerical and Computerized Graphics Techniques (186)
  • U. Anselmi-Tamburini - An Electronic Driver for the Automatic Divergence Slit Attachment of Commercial Diffractometers (192)
  • I. C. Madsen and R. J. Hill - QPDA - A User Friendly, Interactive Program for Quantitative Phase and Crystal Size/Strain Analysis of Powder Diffraction Data (195)
  • V. Valvoda and M. Jarvinen - On the Harris Texture Index (200)
  • W. N. Schreiner and R. Jenkins - Request for Comments...A Reference Standard for Determining Instrumental Response for X-ray Powder Diffraction (204)
  • N. A. Razik, G. Al-Barakati, and S. Al-Heneti - Powder Diffraction Data of CdTexSe1-x Solid Solutions (206)
  • L. K. Frevel - X-ray Powder Diffraction Data for [Pt(C2H8N2) (C7H8N4O)2] (PF6)2, cis-[bis (7,9 - dimethylhypoxanthine) (ethylene diamine) platinum [II] dihexafluorophosphate (210)
  • F. F. Foit, Jr. - X-ray and Optical Data for Alkali Cation-Deficient Schorls from Jack Creek, Montana, U.S.A., and Ben Lomond, North Queensland, Australia (213)
  • A. Elfakir, J. P. Souron, and M. Quarton - X-ray Powder Diffraction Data for the AITh2 (VO4)3 Compounds with AI= Li, Na, Ag (219)
  • J. Ding, D. Li, and P. Fu - X-ray Powder Structural Analysis of the Spinel Polymorph of Fe2SiO4 (221)
  • C. Lowe-Ma - Powder Diffraction Data for ZnGa2S4 (223)
  • D. A. Norris, M. A. Rodriguez, S. K. Fukuda, and R. L. Snyder - X-ray Powder Data for alpha-Si3N4 (225)
  • Y. Murakami, N. Ishizawa, and H. Imai - X-ray Powder Diffraction Data of Bi2Mo3O12 · nH2O (n = 4.75) (227)
  • G. M. H. van de Velde, B. C. Lippens, S. J. Korf, and J. Boeijsma - Powder Diffraction Data for the Imperfect Pyrochlore Terbium Titanate, Tb2Ti2O7 (229)
  • International Report (232)
  • Computer Comments (234)
  • Commercial Announcement (236)
  • Volume 5, 1990
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