Powder Diffraction - Vol. 6 Number 4 - December 1991

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  • R. L. Kath, M. N. Spilde, B. L. Davis, and D. K. Smith - Reference Intensity Ratio and Mass Absorption Measurements of Eleven Biotites (183)
  • W. Wong-Ng and B. Paretzkin - Crystal Chemistry and Phase Equilibria Studies of the BaO-R2O3-CuO Systems. II: X-ray Characterization and Standard Patterns of BaR2O4, R = Lanthanides (187)
  • M. Laügt, M. Teisseire, and J. Guion - Crystal Data and Solid-Liquid Transformation Study by DSC of 2 Hydroxymethyl-2 methyl-1,3 propanediol tetrahydrate (190)
  • J. E. Jørgensen and S. E. Rasmussen - Refinement of the Structure of MnSi by Powder Diffraction (194)
  • G. Bandoli, M. Nicolini, and A. Ongaro - Powder Diffraction Data of Three 9-Amino-1,2,3,4-Tetrahydroacridine Alzheimer's Disease Therapeutics (196)
  • D. Rafaja and V. Valvoda - Angular Corrections for the Seemann-Bohlin X-ray Diffractometer (200)
  • R. L. Snyder, M. C. Nichols, and D. R. Boehme - The Crystal Structures and Powder Diffraction Patterns of the Uranium Tellurides: A Critical Review (204)
  • S. Kamoun - Crystal and X-ray Powder Data for a New Organic Diphosphate [NH3(CH2)2 NH3]2 · P2O7 (228)
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  • Volume 6, 1991
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