Powder Diffraction - Vol. 7 Number 2 - June 1992

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  • R. J. Hill - The Background in X-ray Powder Diffractograms: A Case Study of Rietveld Analysis of Minor Phases Using Ni-Filtered and Graphite-Monochromated Radiation (63)
  • N. J. Elton, P. D. Salt, and J. M. Adams - The Determination of Low Levels of Quartz in Commercial Kaolins by X-ray Diffraction (71)
  • R. Vasudevan, R. Ramesh, B. Pathiraj, and B. H. Kolster - A Simplified Correction for Surface Roughness Effects in X-ray Diffractometric Investigations (77)
  • J. Timmers, N. M. van der Pers, G. J. M. Sprong, Th. H. de Keijser, and R. Delhez - Notes on Slits and Monochromators in Accurate Powder Diffractometry (83)
  • C. E. Matulis and J. C. Taylor - Intensity Calibration Curves for Bragg-Brentano X-ray Diffractometers (89)
  • Q. Johnson - Validation of Reference Patterns by Search/Matching (95)
  • B. J. Reardon and C. R. Hubbard - A Review of the XRD Data of the Phases Present in the CaO-SrO-PbO System (96)
  • N. R. Serebryanaya - The Crystal Structure of Pressure-Induced Phases of In2Te3 and Ga2Te3 (99)
  • H. Wulff, U. Guth, and B. Loescher - The Crystal Structure of K2REZr(PO4)3 (RE = Y, Gd) Isotypic with Langbeinite (103)
  • G. C. Che and M. Ellner - Powder Crystal Data for the High-Temperature Phases Cu4In, Cu9In4(h) and Cu2In(h) (107)
  • C. J. Rawn, R. S. Roth, and H. F. McMurdie - Powder X-ray Diffraction Data for Ca2Bi2O5 and C4Bi6Ol3 (109)
  • A. Mottana, S. Fiori, and G. C. Parodi - Improved X-ray Powder Diffraction Data for Franckeite (112)
  • T. L. Aselage and M. O. Eatough - Powder X-ray Diffraction Data for the Superconducting Phase TlCaBa2Cu2O7-delta (115)
  • International Report (117)
  • Calendar of Meetings (118)
  • Meeting Reports (120)
  • Short Courses and Workshops (122)
  • Commercial Announcements (123)