Powder Diffraction - Vol. 7 Number 3 - September 1992

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  • W. Wong-Ng - The ICDD/PDF Coverage of the High Tc Superconductor and Related Compounds in the A-R-Cu-O Systems (A = Ba, Sr and Ca, and R = Lanthanides and Y) (125)
  • A. N. Sapozhnikov, E. K. Vasil'ev, and P. Bayliss - On Indexing X-ray Diffraction Powder Patterns of Cubic Lazurites with an Incommensurate-Modulated Structure (134)
  • J. Dyakonov et al. - Interlaboratory Tests of X-ray Quantitative Phase Analysis (137)
  • B. J. Reardon and C. R. Hubbard - A Review of the XRD Data of the Phases Present in the CaO-SrO-CuO System (142)
  • D. Dragoi - A Geometric Factor for Asymmetric Diffraction (149)
  • J. C. Taylor and Z. Rui - Simultaneous Use of Observed and Calculated Standard Profiles in Quantitative XRD Analysis of Minerals by the Multiphase Rietveld Method: The Determination of Pseudorutile in Mineral Sands Products (152)
  • D. C. Azubike, A. Chrysanthou, and U. O. Igiehon - A Crystallographic Re-Examination of the (Fe,W)6C Phase Field in the Fe-W-C-System (162)
  • S. E. Rasmussen - The Use of a Post Diffraction Germanium Monochromator with a Bragg- Brentano Type Powder Diffractometer (164)
  • J. M. Amigó et al. - Crystal Data for Complexes of Co(II) and Ni(II) Perchlorates with Mepirizole (166)
  • A. Meden and M. Ceh - Powder Data for Ba3Ca2Ti2O9 (169)
  • G. Bandoli, M. Nicolini and A. Ongaro - Powder Diffraction Data of Three Tetrahydropyridinyl Oxime Cognition Activators of Formula C8H15N2O+Cl- (170)
  • D. J. Kim and C. R. Hubbard - X-ray Powder Diffraction Data for Tetragonal Zirconia Solid Solutions in System ZrO2-YTaO4 (174)
  • X. Jing, C. Zheng, and A. R. West - Barium Rare Earth Titanates: X-ray Characterization of BaR2Ti3O10 and BaR2Ti4O12: R = Lanthanide (176)
  • Lj. Karanovic and D. Poleti - A FORTRAN Program for Conversion of PC-APD Data Files into ASCII Files (179)
  • International Report (180)
  • Calendar of Meetings (180)
  • Correspondents' Reports (181)
  • Book Review (182)
  • Short Courses and Workshops (183)
  • Computer Comments (184)