Powder Diffraction - Vol. 7 Number 4 - December 1992

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  • R. L. Snyder - The Use of Reference Intensity Ratios in X-ray Quantitative Analysis (186)
  • S. Battaglia, M. Franzini, and L. Leoni - Simultaneous Determination of Layer Thickness, Composition, and Mass Absorption by X-ray Diffraction (194)
  • K. P. Zangalis - About Instrument-, Method- and Matrix-Independence in the Working Equations of the Quantitative X-ray Analysis (197)
  • C. Runge - X-ray Determination of a Crystal System (200)
  • A. Jouanneaux et al. - Structure Determination of Tl4V2O7 from Powder Diffraction Data using an Inel X-ray PSD: Stereochemical Activity of Thallium (I) Lone Pair (206)
  • H. S. Shin and S. -J. Kwon - A Suggestion on the Standard X-ray Powder Diffraction Pattern of Barium Ferrite (212)
  • S. S. Pollack, G. J. McCarthy, and J. M. Holzer - An Application of Calculated X-ray Diffraction Patterns in the Analysis of Reference Powder Data: Trivalent Metal Sulfates (215)
  • A. C. Tas and M. Akinc - Cerium Oxygen Apatite (Ce4.67[SiO4]3O) X-ray Diffraction Pattern Revisited (219)
  • F. W. Gayle et al. - X-ray Powder Diffraction Pattern for Reaction-HIPed Al18Ti2Mg3 (223)
  • F. Zhengmin and L. Wenxiu - Crystal Structure of the High-Temperature Phase of a Compound Sr2ZnWO6 (226)
  • Bokhimi - Structure of the M2CuWO6 System, with M = Ba or Sr (228)
  • J. M. Amigó et al. - Crystal Data for Metal Cimetidine Isotiocionates: M(CM)2(NCS)2 (M = Co(II), Ni(II), Cu(II)) (231)
  • F. F. Foit, Jr. - X-ray and Optical Data for a Vanadium-rich Dravite from Silver Knob, Mariposa County, California, U.S.A. (236)
  • International Report (239)
  • Calendar of Meetings (239)
  • Correspondents' Reports (241)
  • Meeting Reports (241)
  • Short Courses and Workshops (242)
  • Computer Comments (243)
  • Commercial Announcements (244)
  • Volume 7, 1992
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