Powder Diffraction - Vol. 8 Number 1 - March 1993

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  • Editorial (1)
  • Davor Balzar, Hassel Ledbetter, and Alexana Roshko - X-ray diffraction peak-broadening analysis of (La-M)2CuO4 high-Tc superconductors (2)
  • R. Cerný and V. Kupcík - Geometrical factors for correction of intensities in Seemann-Bohlin diffractometry (7)
  • Vjera Novosel Radovic - X-ray diffraction analysis of the cause of catalyst deactivation (14)
  • K. D. Rogers and D. Cossins - An X-ray diffraction study of pyrolytic manganese dioxide (18)
  • G. D. Yao and C. L. Kuo - A method of quantitative phase analysis using reference samples with absent phases (25)
  • D. W. Tomlin, D. B. Sullenger, and J. S. Cantrell - A quantitative X-ray powder diffraction analysis of the Li2O-SiO2 glass-ceramic system (29)
  • Liu Fengchao - Confirmation of the new technique for measuring the linear thermal expansion of silicon (36)
  • Patricia Bénard, Jean Paul Auffrédic, and Daniel Louër - High-temperature X-ray powder diffractometry of the decomposition of zirconium hydroxide nitrates (39)
  • Ludo K. Frevel and Cyrus E. Crowder - X-ray powder diffraction data for beryllonite from Stoneham, Maine, U.S.A. (47)
  • Peter C. Burns and Frank C. Hawthorne - Rietveld refinement of the crystal structure of alpha-CoSO4 (54)
  • N. Guillou, J. P. Auffrédic, and D. Louër - Powder diffraction data for two mixed nitrates CeMI2(NO3)6 (MI=Rb,Cs) (57)
  • S. Katagiri, N. Ishizawa, and F. Marumo - A new high temperature modification of face-centered cubic Y2O3 (60)
  • Zhu Jinghuan, N. A. Raftery, and D. W. Field - X-ray diffraction powder data for Schlippe's salt Na3SbS4 · 9H20 (61)
  • Jorge L. Garin and Rodolfo L. Mannheim - X-ray powder diffraction pattern of Mo4.8Si3C0.6 (65)
  • International Report (68)
  • Calendar of Meetings (68)
  • Computer Comments (69)
  • Commercial Announcements (70)
  • Cumulative Author Index (71)